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  • Jun 30, 2015

Beware of Orderingonlinesystem.com. So I purchased the OpenSource online software system version from Orderingonlinesystem.com for a business venture I was going to develop. After the purchase of this software system I realized many functionalities of this software had bugs and flaws. I immeditate contacted Orderingonlinesystem.com with my concerns and received minimal feedback on this matter. Orderingonlinesystem.com stated to me on several occasions that they would be fixing all the bugs in their software system as soon as possible.

After back and forth with mutiple emails their solution to me was pay them to fix the bugs I discovered in their software system. I then thought to myself I can not believe that thees guys want me to pay them to fix the all the bugs which their system should of been 100% functional. So i purchased a broken software system and now i have to pay them again to fix it...quite fishy I would say. This just seemed like scam to me. So by me purchasing the OpenSource software version which does not come with future updates and they are not providing me with technical support all the reason for their scam to work. Look here orderingonlinesystem.com/pricing/ So if I bought the Enterprise version then I would be able receive future updates and technical support because I will be committing myself to the yearly fee which is $1199 per year after the initial purchase and that would cover the cost it would take for me to hire another developer to fix all the bugs within the software system anyway....great idea right?

So in essence I am stating to anyone that maybe considering purchasing this software system from Orderingonlinesystem.com be very aware you will need a developer to fix all the bugs or you will be paying them a yearly fee for them to continue sending you updates of their software system. Anyway I filed a dispute with them through my credit card company and this action is still pending at the moment. Now Orderingonlinesystem.com stated that I was trying to steal their broken software system and is also trying to slander my name as a criminal for trying to get back the purchased amount which is also defamation of character. I will have to pursue legal matters against this very soon. Thanks for reading.

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