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  • Aug 27, 2014

This facebook page company Orhni Collections https://www.facebook.com/Orhni.Collections located in Pakistan took $200 from me 8 months ago for a dress and has not yet delivered the product. I asked for money back and they said $220 is not a lot of money. They told me three times that item is shipped but never gave any tracking. To date, if I ask them for my money or item they simply blame me for being a bad customer. Some chat with this company is given below to show you how bad they are:

Orhni Listen you are behaving so weird even the way you delayed and pointing fingers towards us with no cause 6/18, 10:38am

Orhni R u ok why the hell you are making trouble Cancel the dispute now So we ll send you tracking number And send us your address as well With phone number How can we trust you as you are so weird

Orhni My dear 220$ is not that big amount. So don't behave like that. Orhni Don't behave like a little kid As I know you. You are very corporative and lovely girl so just don't worry my dear

Orhni Dear don't try to extra smart Behave your self You have very small heart

Orhni For you money Is everything ? 8/26

They are scam, Never buy from them!

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