Origami Owl

Country United States
State Afghanistan

Origami Owl Reviews

  • May 14, 2014

I ordered some jewlery for girlfriend from Deanna Ripoli and Origami Owl and i am still waiting for my jewlery. I gave her my credit card info and she double chaged me, didnt respond to my emails inquirng where the products were, and still never shipped them to my house. It has been 6 months since i sent credit card information to Deanna and she stole money from me.

I tried to call her and she hang up each time I call. Now she doesnt let her phone ring it at all it must be a burner phone. She probably is too busy fighting with her husband Midge Cheeze who used to be with Mancow and now works in MMA. He is not a fighter, he does video and is not trust worthy either. Cheez even buys pain pills online and is always taking them. Thats probbaly where my money went. It went to his pain pills and i will never see my money again or my jewlery.

My girlfriend was expecting some very expensive jewlery for her birthday and i now dont have it. Orgami Owl is rip off and Denna and Midge should be behind bars. Both of them owe me

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