Original World, Inc.

Country United States
State Aruba
City San Rafael
Phone (888) 367-6147
Website www.originalworld.com/

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  • Dec 17, 2014

Origianl World is a small boutique tarvel company (not a travel agency, but a tour operator) and we origially received a prsentation by a 180 Fusion rep for SEO. I called back in June 2014 to say I was ready to sign on with them but I was transferred to a woman who began to sign me up for google ads. I had hired and spent much money on google ads in the past without even 1 single phone call or email rquesting more information after clicking an ad, so i did not want to start a google ad camplaign. I again reiterated what I wanted to engage 180 Fusion for. But this woman insisted that it was best to start with a google campaign and do SEO later, after a few months. So I signed the contract. it was $1500 for "set-up" and $399 a month to "manage" the account. They did neither.

I already had a google ad words account which they utilized. Instead of reviewing my website and having an in-depth discussion with me about the company and our goals, I was asked to submit key words to them. I said I thought I was hiring them to do that.

Key word analysis was promised as one of the things in the contract that they would do as part of set up fee. This never happened. I thought I was paying 180 fusion to do the analysis of what competitors are using and then make suggestions for what our key words should be.

Nevrtheless I sent them key words, thinking they would review, analyze, test to determine which are strongest. They proceeded to create ads and launch a campaign without even showing me the ads for approval. They do not review anything with me but instead send emails with links to "reports" on their site. Reports that I do not understand without someone walking me through them. I dont care about any of the statistics, I answer the phones and the emails and I know exactly where each request comes from. People neevr book a tour without first contacting us for details and discussion. The goal was to promote specifc group tours.

Though I did not expect immediate results, I did expect that the person "managing" my account would be monitoring the campaign, making changes to bids, key words and ads to maximize the budget spent on the ads and get us to place in the searches.

after 4 mos we received not a single phone call or email related to any of the ads we were running and we did not move up in the searches based on the key words and strategy thay used (if there was any customized strategy at all).

I really think they just took my money and did practically nothing once the ads were launched. There is certainly no way to justify $1500 set up nor the $399/mo. I trusted them and their professional expertise, they had me spend money on useless ads that they created.

They are very smooth talking well trained sales people and as mentioend elsewhere in rip off report they appear to really care about helping clients suceed. In actuality they do as little as possible and there is no accountability as to how much time they spend on the account or what specific tasks they do each month on the account. For every complaint I had about what they did and did not do, they have an answer and justification.

Yes I did speak to a manger and they did offer a small refund of $350 which I did receive.

Especially if you are a small company with a small budget, stay away from this comany. I am now happily working with another company, recommended by google as one of their premier partners. Set up fee $200 + $299/mo. The person assigned to my account spent many hours before launchng the campaign and we had 2 hour long discussions after she emailed me her analysis and recommendations. She chose the strongest key words and narrowed the demographics for max use of the budget. (180 Fusion never even asked me about out demographics). i gave feedback. they already have moved us up in search engines and better placement for ads in just one month. Plus I get very detailed reports written in plain english for a lay person to understand and then hour long conversations to review reports as needed and ask questions or regroup if something is not working.

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