Oroito Mining & Exploration LLC

Country United States
State American Samoa
City Hereford
Address 6197 S Calle De La Rosa
Phone (520) 378-9314

Oroito Mining & Exploration LLC Reviews

  • Oct 30, 2014

Oroito Mining and Exploration LLC a AZ USA corporation entered into an agreement signed by their owners to lease mining and exploitation rights, i.e. extraction of gold and silver from a mine in Naco, Mexico.

Oroito Mining and Exploration LLC does not own any mine in Mexico. By Mexico law no foreign entity can own mining rights. Only a Mexico corporation or Mexico Citizen can own those rights. Mrs. Quirina Vasquez Vargas (Bond) is a Mexico and USA citizen.

The contract was signed by Quirina Vasquez Vargas (Bond) and Robert Bond, Sr. All correspondence was handled by Robert Bond, Jr. who firms as Vice President. That is already deception since a LLC does not have those titles.

Mrs. Quirina Vasquez Vargas (Bond) has refused to sign any paperwork to enable the recordation of the contract at the Mexico Mining department. Any such contract needs to be in spanish and notarized by a Mexico Notary.

All attempts to rectify the matter have failed.

Oroito Mining and Exploration LLC was paid a total of $ 129.000 by wire transfer into their account and the funds were distributed to their family members: Quirina Vasquez Vargas (Bond); Robert Bond, Sr; Robert Bond Jr.; Lauro Bond; Martha Alicia Bond; Leilani V. Bond Cain; William Cain. Records show that Lauro Bond and William Cain paid off judgements and liens with funds received.

Oroito Mining and Exploration LLC contracted to put a road up to the mine and never paid the contractor.

Oroito Mining and Exploration LLC is actively promoting the mine to "new" investors on the internet through the portal "www.icmj.com/properties.php under the heading;

Large Gold Property in Sonora Mexico, former producing Gold Mine, large unmined reserves.

"icmj. com has been notified of the facts, but has ignored the matter.

Besides funds paid to Oroito Mining and Exploration LLC, a geologist had been hired, evaluated the property over a 3 week period, tests for extraction were done and attorny's fees have been paid as well as other costs incured. These costs amount to another approx. $ 150.000 and there is no chance of recuperating any funds, since the funds have been spend.

The mine could have made money for everybody.

Litigation could cost $ 200K to $ 300K.

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