Orthopaedic Specialist Dallas

Country United States
State Denmark
City Rockwall
Address 1005 W Ralph Hall Pkwy #227
Phone 972-771-8111
Website http://www.dallasortho.net/

Orthopaedic Specialist Dallas Reviews

  • Feb 12, 2015

This complaint is for Dr. Zavala, his assistant Bob, and the office girl Megan who collected my cash.

I broke my heel bone and called this office for a cash price. I was told on the phone $350.00 for office visit and cast. I brought my own x rays and CT scan from the Emergancy Room visit. I was put in a cast and I paid the girl $350.00 cash.

She returned with an appointment sheet and wrote on it with her handwritting, next office visit $112.00 for office visit, $50.00 for re-cast if needed ans $50.00 for x rays. I don't have insurance that is why I was paying cash.

Next visit they took off my cast and said I needed a boot instead of a cast. I told Bob I only had the $50.00 for a re-cast. He went out the door to talk to Dr. Zavala. He came back in and said if I could pay $50.00 this time and $50.00 next time that would cover the cost of the boot. We shook hands on it. So I left there after paying them the cash that I had, oweing them $50.00.

I get a bill for $136.00 and called them right away. They said I owed more money on the first cast and more on the boot. They also said that Bob said never made that deal with me. Bob would not get on the phone, neither would the Dr.

They have lied to me and are tring to get more money than agreed. I am poor, and will not stand for a scam like this.

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