Otay Mesa Sales Inc.

Country United States
State Aruba
City San Diego
Address 1596 Radar Rd
Phone (866) 871-6188
Website www.otaysales.com/

Otay Mesa Sales Inc. Reviews

  • Aug 14, 2014

We bought a forklift from the company as advertised on their website. The company required that payment was made in advance. The forklift was supposed to be guaranteed for 30 days.

The forklift arrived and it would not lift a pallet and move. Otay sent out a service tech who did some work and said this forklift was in the worst condition he had ever seen. After doing some work it would not even move if wheels were turned the least bit. So, it was basically not operational.

Called company to try and get resolved and they refused to answer the calls from our work number and my mobile number. Finally after using another mobile number, we were able to get the eamil address of the owner. Owner was emailed about the problem.

The next day we recieived an email that they would pick up the forklift and replace it with one that would work. This was done and another forklift arrived.

The original forklift that we agreed to purchase had about 6000 hours on it. The one that arrived has about 18000 hours which is way past the useful life. It also has multiple oil leaks and is missing parts that make it useable.

Company is refusing to do anything and will not respond. There last comment was that it runs.

We have invested $9450 for something that will not work. We are now investigating what it will take to make it somewhat operational. The service tech said it looked like it hadn't been run in years.

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