Country United States
State Costa Rica
City Newtown
Address 476 stoney brook rd
Phone 215.268.7592
Website www.ourcitygogo.com/

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  • Sep 8, 2014

I worked for Our City Radio for over a year. I worked for Free. Every Monday Night we went to a call where we were told we were going to get paid. We were going to make thousands of dollars. I didn't see a penny.

Our City Radio suddenly disappeared and came up under a new name. Our City GoGo. There was a contest where the owner of the company offered $500 of his own money to the radio station who got the most listeners and did the most work. He never paid.

Imagine working your ass off for free for over a year. The owner of the company Maxx Fairo is a cult leader. He is like a used car salesman and talks the talk and everybody drank the Kool Aid and follows him blindly.

The other owner Doug Safriet. Google him. Check out his scam company Ready Built Downline (which Maxx Fairo was also involved in)


When asked about this at one of the Monday Night Calls they dodged the issue and made up some excuses.

Some individuals were sent out contracts saying they would get paid within 30 days and offered stock options. Guess what. No payments.

Stay far away and do your research. It is a scam and anybody who is still there is part of the cult.

They also put their names on everything to try to scam. They had Our City Video, Our City Printing, Our City Tickets. Be warned of anything they do.

They were also supposed to have new and inventive software Venom Caster that never came about. Promises were always made.

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  • Sep 1, 2014

I lost hundreds of dollars with this scam in Europe. I paid in monthly to be a manager for my own station and was promised if I staffed it, drove traffic to the site and prmoted it, I would get x amount of dollars in return. I never saw a dime. I put hours and hours into this for 7 months and got nothing. Not to mention they kept changing the game. First we were a radio station, so I focused on that. Then I was told we are a city directory, so we focused on that. I know for a fact that he top guys in this venture are being and have been investigated for scamming investors and slave workers for hundreds of thousands.

When I quit, my band account kept getting charged after complaint and complaint, I finally had to close my accounts and get a new card. They refuse to pay me back for those monies charged after I quit.

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