Outback Rentals & Resort

Country United States
State Tennessee
City Gatlinburg
Address 902 Street of Dreams
Phone 865-430-9385
Website http://www.outbackrentals.com/

Outback Rentals & Resort Reviews

  • Jul 20, 2015

My husband and I and our 2 children stayed in a cabin with outback rentals. The cabin was dirty, long hairs left in sinks and bathtubs. A wet towel and 2 used soaps left in the showers. The tv's in the bathrooms didn't work as well. But that is not really my main issue. We called the manger as it states if any issues , to call Sabrina and she will fix or talk to you about the problem. Both my husband and I called and of course no sneer or call back for 4 days. On the day we left and checked out 2 hrs early I called her to let her know we were all checked out. Later I het a call from a number I had never seen , so it went to voicemail. It was Sabrina and she said she just went into the cabin and it smelled like someone had been smoking. Well I can tell you that no one smoked in her cabin, and that we left it cleaner then it was when we got there and washed all the towels. The message she left on my phone also stated that she was taking a $200 deposit from our bank due to the smoke. The smoke that was never there. I don't understand how she can just take out money from our account. I'm going to my bank to let them know that was not an authorized charge. I'm not sure what else to do. I want anyone to know that might think about staying with outback rentals , that the manager is rude, hateful, and a con. And that the cabins are not worth it, especially if you have to clean it before you settle in.

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