Outsiders Cycles INC.

Country United States
State Aruba
City La Porte
Address 1320 W Main St
Phone 281 842-9552
Website www.outsiderscycles.com/

Outsiders Cycles INC. Reviews

  • Jan 2, 2015

Brian is an extremely incompetent mechanic, very poor workmanship, plenty of excuses and lies to you about the work. He kept my bike for over 6 months and did only 3 days of work, which 1 of those days was the day I went to pick the bike up. Sitting in his shop, the battery went bad, because he never cranked the bike. The day I showed up to get the bike, it had 7 months of dust on the bike, it was totally neglected. The chrome parts were starting to rust too. After getting my bike back, I immediately took it to a competent mechanic and had to pay over $2,500 to get the bike properly fixed from the work Brian had done on it. Brian still has my old fender, air dam and new fender painted to match my bike. He refuses to send the parts because he says he does not want to be liable for them, even though he is already liable for them. I want my parts back that are due to me, to be reimbursed the money to have the bike properly repaired and the insurance money wasted on the bike sitting there for no reason. I am currently in California, so if I have to come to court in Houston I want to be reimbursed for my wages, transportation and accommodations to have to go to court. There were too many things wrong with the bike when I got it back, he can’t be that incompetent, so he must have purposely sabotaged all the work done to the bike. The motor mounts don’t just fall apart suddenly when I got the bike back either.

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