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Outsource.com LLC Reviews

  • Jun 23, 2015

Paid this compnay to get a job from home almost got scammed. interviewed through yahoo messenger that raised security questions for me then they "hired" me and was going to send a computer and a check to purchase software for the computer to work with, that was the second alert, they would already have the software. and they were going to do direct deposit to my account . thank god i never gave a social security number or bank info. i called bcbs of Illinois and they only hire through their our website. so it is a scam i emailed outsource and told them i want a refund and they they were helping a scammer no response from the bbb next.

Outsource.com i subribed and was sent a job offer . it turned out to be a scam . they pretended to be from BCBSA as a work from home job. they "interviewed me " on Yahoo messanger that made me have a warning because it is not secure why would a compnay like bcbs use messanger ? then they supposedly hired me and did not do a background check or anything? no company dealing with insurance would ever do that. I called bcbs and they told me it is a scam and they are aware of the scam.

i emailed outsource.com and told them i want a refund and that they sent me a phoney job offer.

beware if it sounds too good it is.

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