Pacific Listings

Country United States
State Aruba
City Los Angeles
Address 1748 Stoner Ave. #3
Phone 4242881169

Pacific Listings Reviews

  • May 12, 2014

OWNERS! do not give Pacific Listings your buildings! RENTERS do not click for request for Viewing! PACIFIC LISTINGS ARE A TOTAL SCAMS! DO NOT GO TO THEIR WEBSITE! Jeff Jacobson and Alex Moran we are in the process of revoking your real estate licenses!

I am a building manager whose buildings were sold and the new owners of the properties decided to bring Pacific Listings to lease our vacancies. We do have a phone line that we respond to interested applicants for showings. We informed Pacific Listings of this phone number for any tours of our property.

Pacific Listings told us they would bring a professional vidoegrapher to take professional film of our building. We received a call from this JERK from Pacific Listings that he didn’t have time and needed to come to our building immediately with his film crew and equipments. He also made threats that if we don’t cooperate with his valuable time he will have to charge the building owners for his filming crew time and equipments. We dropped everything and had the building spotless for Hollywood to show up. This punk from Pacific Listings shows up with a $10 camera. I told him vacant units were open for him to do his film.

Short time later we heard a commotion in our courtyard so I went outside. Pacific Listings professional videographer was yelling from the top of his lungs at the kids playing in the courtyard to shut up because he couldn’t take his video on his old worthless camera. This was CHILD ABUSE! I had to hear so much from these kids parents about a representative from Pacific Listings sceaming and yelling at their kids. Besides, we found out Pacific Listings takes these useless garbage video tours so people would click on them on their website as a result their website would rank higher on internet search engines. My pregnant wife and I had to go through so much hassle so Pacific Listings could rank higher on internet search engines.

I work full time so when I am at work my pregnant wife takes care of the property. My wife received an emergency call from Pacific Listings to immediately show our vacancy to this very interested person. They asked my wife for her cell phone number to set up a tour. My wife was very specific to tell them to not use her cell phone number ever again. As usual Pacific Listings sent us very undesirable prospects and there was absolutely no emergency. Pacific Listings just wanted to make their quick buck not concernig about building managers time or prospective tenants time. They do have an automated system through their website that is never updated. With Pacific Listings you are never able to reach a live person because they don’t have an office nor have a staff. It sounds like they are bunch of kids working out of their grandmother’s basement.

Suddenly we started receiving 100’s of calls on my pregnant wife personal cell phone about vacancies that didn’t even belong to our address. Pacific Listings put my pregnant wife personal cell phone number all over the internet to call back for vacancies that were miles away from the buildings we managed. My pregnant wife was getting nasty calls from people who told her that if she doesn’t get off her fat ass and show a property they will call Pacific listings to get her fired. We received so many calls on my pregnant wife cell phone from people telling us that Pacific Listings are advertizing our building as they are the owners and any discrepancy on my part as a building manager should be reported to Pacific Listings for immediate disciplinary action against me. Meanwhile my pregnant wife was getting traumatized.

We went to their website trying to find a number to reach a live person in Pacific but these scam artists do not answer their calls and they don’t even have an office address. It wasn’t easy but I finally reached a Pacific Listings representative sounded like somebody’s nasty grandmother on the phone with TV on in the background. I introduced myself and asked her to remove my pregnant wife’s personal cell phone number off the internet. Pacific Listings representative response to me was to shut up and I must show properties as requested by Pacific Listings otherwise we would be fired and thrown in the streets.

Finally I had enough of these stupid clowns. I contacted the owner of our property and informed him of the very unprofessional behavior by Pacific Listings. Few days later I received a call from the owner of our property that he fired Pacific Listings and they do not handle our buildings anymore. This was months ago and we are still getting calls from prospects sent by Pacific Listings to tour buildings that we are not involved at all. We are still getting calls from people who paid Pacific Listings application fees and never heard back from them. Pacific Listings is still advertizing our building and collecting credit check fees and pocketing them.

I am contacting all of the building managers dealing with Pacific Listings and we are going to make sure YOU as a prospective tenant will NOT have a pleasant tour of our buildings if you were sent by Pacific Listings. So save your time and money and DO NOT DEAL WITH PACIFIC LISTINGS!

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