Pacific Naturals

Country United States
State Aruba
City Burbank
Address 2049 Nth Lincoln Street
Phone 18183039260

Pacific Naturals Reviews

  • Apr 23, 2014

Ordered garcinia cambogia, 2bottles for 48.00 dollars march 6th, I believe. Product did not work.

I called them on their return policy. They said I should try it longer. I said no. They wanted me to call back the next day. I said, no!

I finally got a Rna# 134158898513615619 and returned product to: Gscm fulfillment

2049 n. Lincoln st Burbank Calif. 91504

On 4.8.14 via the UPS store. They sent it parcel post. I paid 4.72. Have two receipts. I called them, talked to a Terranceon 4.8.14 to tell him I returned the product, he said there would be a 10.00 restocking fee, which I responded to, you can't restock opened product, thats illegal.

He responded, ""I will waive that for you"". I waited a few days and called back, talked to Tony on 4.17.14. He said we dont have it yet in our warehouse. Whats the tracking number? I said it went post office. He said in 3 to 5 business days you'll get your refund.

He also said sent me the receipts for shipment via email for proof. I did that on 4.21.14 to the email they gave [email protected]. when I got ho e , I called to tell them I sent receipts. I got a lady named Hazel. She said we have noproof in our warehouse, and I dont see your email, send receipts to me at..... [email protected].

I did, daemon mailer said no such email exists. They had sent me a confirmaion email back when I got the Rna#, so I resent email they sent me to the info email and a response came back from WHAT!!!!!,,,

These people are straight up scammers. I canceled my card back two weeks ago so they couldnt charge me anymore, because I was suspicious and checked them out. I saww theyhave made a career out out ripping people off, then just changing their name and continuing.I hope they get caught. Im sure they are using a magic jack phone. Or similar. Debra

  • Apr 18, 2014

After trialling the product Garcinia Cambogia Select, I decided to send the product back due to unwanted side effects. After talking to a robot on the phone and explaining i want to return the product (6 bottles). They want to charge me for shipping and handling (which I can accept). But they also want to charge me $10 per bottle restocking fee! which is totally a rip off! Beware of this if purchasing.



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