Country United States
State Cape Verde
City Las Vegas


  • Nov 17, 2014


This company scammed me and stole my money for a 3 night vacation, 2 tickets to Blue Man show with a personal costumer service person while we were on the free vacation in Las Vegas NV on our trip.

I received a call two months ago from a telemarketer offering me a "FREE VACATION" obviously it sounded interesting and I listened, I was open to the vacation offer because my husband and I go 2 or 3 times a year, we live in Missouri and love to go.

I was told I had to give a deposit that would be returned once I vacationed at the hotel, they told me I could go anytime I wanted and they would give me a limousine ride to the hotel from the airport.

I had no reason to disbelieve them and gave them my VISA number, the gentlemen was very nice and told me you will love our service it is great.

About three weeks ago I received a call from the same gentleman, or at least I believe so. He said he used to work for Darlene Leon and Robert Leon, the owners of Paradise Trips, and to prove it he had all my information, my phone number, address, VISA number and email. (this all worried me) The man told me that I had been ripped off for my money and I would not receive the vacation I bought, he said the company Paradise Trips was closed down for good and the owner and her husband are a scam and had stolen money from many many people.

He further explained they were from a different state and they do this all the time and get away with it. I asked him how he knew? he told me the manager Jodi or Jenny told him and that the owners stole money from him also, he sounded angry and said I am just trying to help you lady! I asked him once again for the names of the owners and he repeated to me the names, Darlene Leon and her Husband Robert Leon, then he began to tell me that he had to beat up her husband because he was a thief and wouldn't pay anyone, he also told me the owner Darlene Leon was trying to have sexual intercourse with her employees him included, I asked him for his name but he would not state it, then hung up the telephone.

I was not sure what to believe so I immediately call VISA and placed a claim with them for lack of service. I then called Paradise Trips but there was no dial tone to there numbers, I continued trying for over one week but still nothing.

I began to worry and went to the Nevada State business search and found the information on the company Paradise Trips and Vacations LLC., I researched the address I found on the Nevada State business search I did and found a number registered with the yellow pages to the address. I called the number I found and got what seemed to be a leasing company. I asked them if they had information on Paradise trips or Darlene M. Leon the gal who answered the phone told me to weight a minute she would get someone to help me, a gentlemen answered the phone and said that he had evicted them because they never payed him rent, in addition to destroying his offices. He stated they owed him allot of money for unpaid rent, he also told me that recently the police department had contacted him to see if he had an address were they could contact Darlene Leon or Robert Leon.

I told him my story regarding my trip I purchased, I expressed to him I felt that I would not get y trip or my money. The man told me there were probably lots of people like myself who had got taken for a ride.

I was shocked, felt sick to my stomach, before he hung up he told me he was sorry for what had happened to me, then said that I was probably better off not going, I only lost a little money, he was out a substantial amount of money. I shouldn't feel bad he said I am sure that there were many innocent people they stole from around the US because the police department call him and they were from out of state, I asked him if he knew were from? he told me Missouri I think? I was surprised because that's our neck of the woods. I felt I could probably find out some information on there company.

I told my husband what had happened and he called a friend of his who use to be an attorney here in MO, he asked my husband for the information we had on the Paradise Trips and the owners. My husband gave him the information and we forgot about the situation. We were glad we had VISA that would cancel the charge, but when I called my credit card company they would not credit us back our money because they had not been able to contact the merchant, there was no reply from PARADISE TRIPS OR DARLENE LEON.

From what I know your credit card company is suppose to protect you! what kind of service is that I will never use VISA again!

Two days after we got some very shocking news and thanked god we had not went. My husbands friend told us that it appeared they were indeed bad people, stealing from not only unsuspecting people but there old partners also! The company is called Vacations & More and that Darlene Leon had several lawsuits pending against her. Also he found several bad comments on the internet from her ex partners.

But most importantly he told us! Look at the Missouri Sex Offender Registry under Robert L Leon birth date of 07/17/1972, we did so and found a real dangerous person.

We are lucky not to have gone on that trip because this man Robert Leon (Darlene Leon husband) is a Child Sex Offender!

Robert Leon was convicted of sodomy of a 14 year old boy! It also appears that this is his fourth conviction for sodomizing and child, how do these people sill walk the streets? Let alone steal peoples money over the phone!

We are posting the internet link below so if you have also been stolen from and you want to know what authority's to go to you have the information-

Below is the web site link for the Convicted Sex Offender Robert Leon the husband of Darlene Leon.

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