ParadisePlus Travel

Country United States
State Bangladesh
City Fort Lauderdale
Address Beach Place

ParadisePlus Travel Reviews

  • Jan 10, 2015

Paradise Plus Travel offers a free gift to get you to come to their sales pitch. They use very high pressure sales techniques and promise way more than they can deliver.

They promised us that they could get us discounts on "any commerically available property." When I called to initiate a lodging, they said they couldn't help with any of the places I wanted.

I tried to get my money back, but they refused. The person who replied about the credit card payment made statements that were untrue. She signed her name "Nancy" with no last name and no title. I called her many times and left messages, but never got a call back.

This is an unethical, manipulative company. I was naive to believe their sales' pitch. I advise: Don't do business with this company.

  • Oct 6, 2014

My wife and I attended this presentation & became members. We brought our kids & were told kids are not allowed in a rude manner after confirming on the phone kids were allowed. a young man allowed us to stay so we did. My wife and I became members after a quick slideshow by the same young man. He was really nice and guaranteed everything in the presentation. We get home after being a little sceptical & do some research online because we have never heard of this company plus a few strange comments made by one man who claimed to be in charge. This is where we really had second thoughts because he wasn't all there and he was in charge? After the young man assured us this was a good move and basically agreeing his so called boss was a bit wacky we still signed up. it took us a day to connect all the stories and company names but we immediately wanted out. My wife was appalled. We called and were told to come in. The same young man came to talk us out of canceling this membership but when we mentioned the bad comments online we could tell he knew. We asked for a refund of about $6000 and were told it will process in a few days. it took 2 weeks or so. We travel a lot and realize that research and time will get us good deals. this compaany has changed names various times to avoid problems with sales. When I called reservations and I asked about the 30-70% off they laughed and said its not 30-70%.

Paridise Plus Travel is a scam selling fake travel memberships.

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