Parker & Sons, Inc

Country United States
State Arizona
City Phoenix
Address 3636 E Anne St
Phone 602-273-7247

Parker & Sons, Inc Reviews

  • Mar 18, 2015

THEY SEND OUT INEXPERIENCED TECHS to service air conditioners for residential and commercial properties, tech was asked about if he would purge compound guage set while connecting to ac unit to access refrigerant pressures. The service guy Freddy did not want to purge his equipment as required by all Air condition service manuals since the first AC came to be. I have worked in the industry 25 years and guys would be fired for not purging, purging is the act of connecting compound guage to suction and pressure side of ac unit at the same time and prior to connecting them the valve on the evacuation and recharge valve is cracked open to release small amount of Refrigerant through both blue suction and red pressure side thru manifold and thru yellow hose, evacuation line the yellow hose is where the air and atmospheric pressure which contains moisture is removed, called purging the manifold compound and guage valve plus hoses. WHEN THIS STEP IS SKIPPED AIR AND MOISTURE ENTER SYSTEM AND DESTROY IT, NOT IMMEDIATELY BUT THREE TO FIVE YEARS LATER CUSTOMER FLIPS THE BILL for the new AC unit which the Parker and Sons make money on and also install, how covenient and self serving. Mafia operates like that. Conflict of interest to have techs that sell and make commisions also service AC.Service tech Freddy argued with me and told me since I was no longer in the service industry some how I am irrelevant. I told him in my day there was a little forgiveness with older R-22 systems that can handle more moisture and careless connections. NOT TODAY WITH NEW MINERAL FREE ALKABENZINE REFRIGERANT OIL AND OF COURSE THE NEW ZEOTROPE R-407C the manufacture recommends '0' percent moisture due to the MIXING OF ATMOSPHERIC AIR AND WATER which produces acid. This acid build up eats condessers and evaporators and destroys compressors, while ac is dying a slow death of contaminates your electric bill will go up substantially until compressor dies. AC units not properly serviced causes major problems in the industry and people are getting used to replacing ac every ten years, THEY COULD LAST THIRTY YEARS IN AZ IF PROPERLY SERVICED. MANY PEOPLE HAVE BEEN RIPPED OFF AND DO NOT KNOW IT, THEY GET TIRED OF ALL THE SERVICE CALLS FOR RUN CAPACITOR, START CAPACITOR, LEAKING CONDENSERS AND EVAPERATORS, AND THE COMPRESSOR. ALL DUE TO IMPROPER SERVICE TECHNIQUES THAT INTRODUCE AIR INTO A SEALED SYSTEM WHERE REFRIGERANT AND REFRIGERANT OIL ARE THE ONLY ITEMS THAT SHOULD BE IN SYSTEM. I talked to manager he agreed with me that techs should purge system, however he told me not to go on roof for next service guy, why? I asked him, he says insurance but that is BS many customers good and bad ratings have mentioned that the tech would show them on their roof of ac problems.I told the manager I will be on roof with my own ladder and take responsibility for my actions, he refused and cancelled another tech from coming out. I went to Howar Air, they purge and service ac prperly by the book, NOT SABOTAGE

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