Patricia Rockstroh

Country United States
State El Salvador
City Fort Atkinson
Address 920-563-3410

Patricia Rockstroh Reviews

  • May 10, 2014

Pat Rockstroh continues to make animals suffer. Even after 5 years of dealing with Pat Rockstroh, I had hoped I would never have hear another horror story that affected another person I knew. I wish I could have helped this family sooner. They had gotten a puppy from her that was very ill and it died. They are afraid of Pat Rockstroh due to the threats she had said on the phone which is the normal thing for her.

I decide I would report something since she has changed her kennel name again. My heart still aches for the 2 furkids(cockers) I lost from this puppy mill breeder. I may not have had to pay her for the replacement puppy she gave me after losing my 1st one but his additional pain of 4 eye surgeries sicken me to this day. My heart is just sickened that she continues to breed and no one has stopped her yet, while these poor animals have to pay with their well being and lives. It isn't just the dogs that have suffered; she has had horses and other live stock die as well. When is going to end?

I will continue to fight legally for my boys. They may be gone here on earth but not from my heart. They weren't just a dog, they were my kids.


Watertwon, Wisconsin


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