Patrick Beals

Country United States
State Aruba
City Sacramento

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  • Oct 28, 2014


No Star! Fraud! Fraud! Fraud! He was lucky I controlled my boyfriend because he wanted to beat this scam artist with a baseball bat!!

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  • Feb 5, 2015

Do you know where he lives?

Contact me and I'll have the Sheriff pick him up on his warrants...

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  • Jun 28, 2014

Do not trust Patrick Beals. I put an ad on craigslist and he responded then came and gave me an estimate to have my small front yard landscaped. There are so many issues but let me first say what the agreement was. I stated on my post that I did not want to have lawn because of how much water it wastes and he sold me on the idea that he would use "water saver sprinklers." He also said he could do all kinds of work and the reason I went with him is because he said he would stain the concrete walkway and patio for free in addition to the landscape.

We went over the issues I had and the agreement was he would fix my sprinkler system, prep the soil for sod, lay sod and bark and put a stone border and bender board that I already had in back to be used up front. I asked specific questions like, "Will you put weed mat down?" His reply, "Yes always." "Are you going to rototill the old lawn and weeds." he says, "We will do it by hand, its easier that way and its a small are." Patrick said he had a crew of 4 guys he works with and they would come and finish it in 2 days. I also asked for a couple of trees and plants in the bark area and his reply was always, "whatever you want!"

So these are my issues:

Started putting in bark and I asked, "wheres the weed mat?"

"Oh we dont need it because I'll spray it for weeds after." I could see the dirt on the bottom mixed in with the bark. Looked horrible, so then he agreed to put it.

He did not complete the sprinklers correctly, said he would make them flush to the ground and use these "water saver sprinklers." There is nothing "water-saving" about them. They stick above the grass so I will not be able to go over them with a mower which anyone should know is not right. They layed the sod right over the old weeds and did not prep the ground. The sprinklers were not adjusted properly, the stone border was not staight or level. The bender board did not go to the edge and of the cement and they left the stakes sticking up. I had to constantly go out and remind them to do things they were supposed to. They were laying the sod without butting the edges and leaving gaps between.

When he finally stained the concrete he did a horrible job leaving drip marks and uneven coverage. It looks horrible. He said it would even out when it dried and it did not. When I ran the sprinklers there was even a sprinkler pushing up underneat the sod which he did not even bother to check. There are so many issues and I know it is my fault for paying him and allowing to do a bad job, but I really needed them to just stop doing things because he is clearly incompetent. Please do not use Patrick Beals. He talks like he can do so much work and he is very successful but he does not do good work and is very sloppy. He showed up with one other guy to do the job so he could obviously make more money.

There are so many other things he promised and did not do right and really I will have to pay to have it all redone. He wasted my time and money and I fully regret trusting him to do the job. I did end up paying him just to get him out and to stop him from ruining more things, but please don't make my same mistake. When using people on craigslist you are always taking a chance, so I can tell you 100% as someone else has already reported that he does not do good work. Take your chance on someone else.

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