Patriot Landing Apartments

Country United States
State Denmark
City Killeen
Address 705 Santa Rosa Dr.
Phone 8777504423

Patriot Landing Apartments Reviews

  • Apr 16, 2014

Initially we were renting our apartment through another property management company that was great. We had no issues, we payed them on time every month and if we had any issues they were easy to get ahold of and made repairs quickly with no complaints. Patriot Landing took over the apartments in the middle of our lease and they were a nightmare from the jump. None the less we continued paying them until our lease was up in which we began paying month to month.

Once my husband seperated from the Army moved back to his home state. We informed them of our plans well before we began the moving, not only verbally but with written notice as well. We were told that we would get our deposit back as long as their was no damage in the apartment. We asked when an inspection could be done and they informed us that they wouldn't be available to do the inspection until a few days after our move out date and that as long as we left our forwarding address on the counter with the key to the apartment, they would mail us our deposit.

We did just that and after 30 days we called them to ask if we were being refunded our deposit. They told us they had no idea we had even moved and that the inspection had not been done yet.....? I was furious but I stayed calm and informed them that we had definitely informed them that we were moving and was told to leave the key and a forwarding address on the apartment kitchen counter.

The next day or so, they did the inspection but didn't call us. We called them and asked if the inspection had been done and the owner informed us that it had and that he would be mailing us the deposit. These calls continued for 3 MONTHS!!!! They kept telling us they were mailing it the next day every single time we called until finally I mailed them a letter stating that if we didn't receive our deposit back that we would take legal action.

At that point they did mail the deposit but kept some of it stating that our move out date was the date that they did the inspection. I couldn't and still can't believe it. We were good tenants and they tried to get over on us I believe because they knew we had moved out of state and couldn't come in their office to ask for our money. Terrible people.

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