Country United States
State Ecuador
City Pulliam
Phone 5095929455
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  • Jun 25, 2014

I went on a supposed to be secured site looking for a loan. the site i went to said they will give lenders my info to find me the best to fit my situation. and this number was not the first to call so i though nothing of it, and the already had all my info.

with all that i did think anything of a scam, the person behaved professional and had all the right answers to all my questions. they said they only wanted to see if i had an ative account that i would be able to pay my monthly installments. they would not need any payments until the end of the month.

when i gave him the info to check for the funds, his attitude changed abit, so i instantly checked the account and my money was gone. I immediately file a complaint with the F.B.I

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