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Country United States
State American Samoa
City Peoria
Address 9130 W Bell Rd
Phone 623-239-3722

Peoria Ford Reviews

  • Feb 13, 2015

I purchased a 2010 Ford Flex AWD from Peoria Ford at the end of August 2013. My car is beautiful. It is great to drive and I love it and would keep it IF Peoria Ford didn't leave me feeling used and abused. I went to Peoria Ford because I wanted a vehicle with more space and also wanted to try and get something with a lower monthly payment. The salesperson showed me the Ford Flex which I have always loved, but the payments were out of my league and I told him that continuously. I am a single mom of three children. The finance person and the sales person haggled with me. I insisted I was not going to pay less monthly (only a reduction of $40) but have to pay over 84 months. I was insistant and adamant. They then somehow got me to think that I would be paying the reduced amount over 72 months and that SmartNote would reduce it by 6 months. That I was OK with. The finance part is always unpleasant but wow, talk about smoke and mirrors. The finance guy was "let's get this done" and printed and had me sign and folded and printed and had me sign and folded. Told me he was getting me a service plan which would be great and a money saver because my car took synthetic oil and would cost like $75 per service (which I didn't think was unaffordable every so often). The services on my car have never been more than $46. I haven't had to pay but I get a breakdown of each service. The plan was supposed to be an additional 72 months and 75k miles because my car already had 53k. The service plan was $2800. Who would agree to it being for 20k miles? That is 4 services of $46?!? I was told 75k additional. The finance person even said it would take me to 125k miles. I didn't fight it because the length of time was OK even though I truly didn't want the service plan.

My checklist when receiving the vehicle noted car mats and a battery that "passed". No mats were given and the battery was replaced 5 days later. I told them about it and they just shrugged and said it happens. My alternator had to be replaced and it wasn't covered under my pre-owned platinum care wrap policy. The policy that claims to cover everything electrical.

Anyway, what I was getting at is my car is at 77800 miles. I was told today after my service of $46 that my plan was expired because my car had exceeded the 75k. When investigating with finance, I was told that this was how the plan works. when I fought it, the finance person at Peoria Ford went and "talked to his boss" who would call me tomorrow after they tried to make a deal with MPP!?!?! I asked what I shoudl do about my vehicle that was in for a service (that being why I was in this person's office) and was told with ATTITUDE "pay for it". I walked out of there letting him know that all I have had was bad customer service and an overall terrible experience continuously and I wasn't going to be quiet anymore. I made sure to let the people there know that they should reconsider purchasing from them.

When going to pay for the service after getting the keys, the finance person was there saying they can charge the service to the finance department and it was an instruction by the Finance Director. He quickly said "it was only an oil change right?!?". Yes, it was only $46, you cheap SOB. Steal (and I do feel stolen from) from me, but make sure your "department" doesn't pay more than $46.

Nevermind the services I had previously where they reported fluid exchanges that were imperative (including power steering). I took it to Firestone and it cost a 1/3 of what Peoria Ford quoted. When taking back to Peoria Ford for the regular oil change (only becuase of the service contract because I would not choose to take my car there), they still claimed I needed the fluid exchanges that I just had done. They said I need numerous things that, when I took my car to get the alternator replaced in Long Beach after again being stranded on the side of the road, was given a list of things that I did not include the things Peoria Ford still insisted I needed to have done.

I honestly have so many more examples like my tires, but I think I've said enough. I've barely had the car and I have all these complaints. I am not high maintenance and will overlook a lot of things but when I wanted to cry from frustration today becuase of the endless problems I've had with Peoria Ford, I had to let anyone that would listen know what they were getting themselves into.

  • Apr 12, 2014

Chris a @ Peoria ford did not show the truck I was interested in and the general manger seemed too be more concerned with other issues than the fact that a customer was not satisfied with how they were treated ....even if they would correct this problem I would still not purchase a vehicle or recommend a friend to purchase a vehicle from this dealership topical sales tactic upscale a product that is not what consumer wants!

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