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Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics Reviews

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  • Aug 7, 2014

First let me start by saying this is not to slam perfect body laser or any of their employees...I found all of their employees wonderful, professional, and polite...and this is the first time in my life I have ever written something like this ....that being said I am writing this more as a buyer beware...I am a new customer of theirs and just started with an IPL (photo rejuvenation) service ....I locked myself into a contract with a finance company for thousands of dollars to obtain the laser treatments I wanted, as I did not have the funds available...I am writing this report to urge anyone thinking of getting services there to take twenty four hours to think about it before signing anything, and to shop around first...the facility is clean and the employees are very Courteous but the amount that they are charging for the service I am receiving is extremely pricey in this competetive market...I bought two areas and most of theses places offer specials and promotions when you buy their packages, which they did but it was a discount off an extremely high price which left it expensive still and nothing like what is available at other facilities which will throw in extra treatments or areas when you make large purchases and it is not a plastic surgeon or dermatologist or registered nurse performing my procedure, so I am not paying for highly skilled professional...again that is not to say that they are not professionals or trained in the lasers they operate... I am just warning that the prices are very high for what can be obtained elsewhere for a comparable experience ( laser and technician) I am not complaing of my treatment there or of the treatments I am receiving as I just started and don't know how they will turn out...I am also not trying to stop anyone from using them...all I want to do is to stop someone else from making the same mistake I did before they sign on the dotted line ...I wish that I gave it further thought and shopped around more judiciously before impulsively signing up for the services...I am not angry with them and do not feel that I was pressured in any way but if I could stop anyone from making the mistake I did I would feel better...I am sure I will have no complaints about them at all as my first experience was a positive one ...just wish I did not agree to what I feel is an overpriced service own mistake no one else's this economy one can not afford to be as careless as I was..if I had it to do over I would not...I wish them no ill will and future success but BUYER BEWARE!!

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  • Jul 28, 2014

I was at Perfect Body Laser three times on the promise that they would be a participating sponsor for two pediatric fundraisers for The Make a Wish Foundation and Stony Brook Pediatrics Childrens Hospital. Both events were held at Villa Lombardis to raise funds for critically ill children.

The first visit I left all the necessary paperwork. The office manager was to busy to come to the waiting room. I followed up with a phone call and was told they would surely be able to do a gift certificate. When I arrived to pick up the gift certificate the staff had no idea what I was talking about and they lost the documentation.

I called again. The two office managers didnt even return my call. It would have been good business to donate a gift certificate or a basket of products to such a wonderful cause. They would have received free advertisement to over 1,800 people and have receved a tax deduction as well.

When I was in the waiting room there was a full blown argument ensuing behind the glass doors. A woman came out upset telling everyone in the waiting room not to waste their time and money. The staff was so rude, They made it apparent that because I was not their to spend money they couldn't be bothered!

Check out other places before you even consider doing business with the obnoxious staff that wasted my time!

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  • Jul 10, 2014

My mother who is 71 years old went to Perfect body Image in bayshore long island to fix dark baggy pouches under her eyes. She got the dark baggy pouches from mourning my fathers passing. They charged her $3,500 for the procedure which she decided to finance because she could not afford to pay the fee upfront. She saw absolutely no positive results after receiving the procedure but was advised by the clinical director that the results may take up to 10 months.

The bigger problem started weeks after the procedure was done when my mother had temporary blindness in 1 eye then weeks later the same with the other eye. After complaining to the people at Perfect body image about not only the temporary blindness problem but also the fact that the procedure had absolutely no positive results, she requested a refund or to at least to stop being billed for the remaining balance of approximately $2,000. They told her they have a no refund policy, totally disregarded the problems she had with the temporary blindness but offered her to come back and have several more treatments to fix the dark baggy pouches. Originally they told her the baggy pouches would be fixed with one laser treatment.

I strongly would not recommend this company to anyone. Their no money back guarantee speaks volumes in regards to the effectiveness of their service.

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  • Aug 17, 2015

Guaranteed my girlfriend would see results or our money back. Well we tried but they said sorry we cant help you anymore and that thae reslts are the best we will get. We saw absolutely no results after doing the recommended # of treatments to get rid of facial wrinkles they use : cheap and useless machines. Go to a real doctor. This place is a ripoff. No results. Do your research before giving them your hard earned money!! buyer beware.

  • May 4, 2015

It seems like Perfect Body Image LLC (Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics) located in Bay Shore, New York feeds off of poor desperate people. I thought my mother’s case was just a fluke as there are other good reviews of Perfect Body. But based on what I have read so far, it seems Perfect Body has been scamming other unsuspecting consumers. It is pretty obvious that it doesn’t matter to Perfect Body who they scam whether it be a senior citizen or someone with less financial means.

My mother went to them a while back for some treatments (approximately 6). She is well-educated, and I am surprised she fell for this. I am guessing the sales pitch was good, and she, to no fault of her own, was really hoping the treatments would help her achieve what she was looking for. She said the place was beautiful, clean and that everyone was accommodating. From talking with her, she told me she financed the entire treatment via a finance company called Care Credit.

As soon as my mother signed the finance agreement, Perfect Body got their money right on the spot (approximately $8,000) for basically heated massages. Now, the only two payment plans offered were the option to pay with a personal credit card or financing. Doesn’t it seem odd that there are no other payment plans especially since the services are not refundable whether they work or not. Normally, when I visit a doctor’s office, I pay for the services after being rendered. Or if one gets a hair cut, one pays after the cut. Perfect Body could offer a pay as you go plan in case you are not satisfied with the services, but no they want to be paid upfront.

And based on the conversation with my mother, she was told that the 6 treatments would be more than enough to fix her problem areas and that it wouldn’t be issue. Easy Peasy. But here is the problem, the treatments never worked. Worse yet the second session of more treatments did not work either. Even though Perfect Body was accommodating to provide more treatments at no cost it didn’t matter because at the end the treatments don’t WORK. My mother is fit for her age and takes good care of herself. For the treatments not to work on someone like that doesn’t say much about the technology or treatments provided. On top of that, during one of the treatment sessions, she was burned. My mother so wanted to continue the treatments, she followed the care directions from Perfect Body plus while at her personal doctor picked up some burn ointment to ensure a proper healing process so she may continue her treatments at Perfect Body.

I am thinking that maybe some not all of the other good reviews might be bogus. I don’t know if anyone out there is aware of this, but “good reviews” can be purchased.

I believe as a consumer, I should have the right to rescind from the contract before any treatment is given should I change my mind before proceeding with such a costly venture and receive a full refund for any treatments that have not been provided as other places within the industry do. Other payment plans should also be provided; a practice other industries follow even within health and beauty. From the sound of it and what I have been reading, it sounds to me that Perfect Body takes the money and runs. I am also surprised that a group of clients have not gotten together to pursue a civil action suit for all the burning of the skins, eyesight loss and just plain predatorial business practice. This type of business should be regulated as the technicians running these machines are not registered nurses or doctors and don’t have a medical background which in all honesty they should since majority of their job is to handle lasers while treating peoples’ skin.

To everyone out there, do your research. Don't be influenced by a great sales pitch or want something so badly that you forget that old saying, "If it's too good to be true; it probably is." Be a little wiser by asking more questions.

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