Perry Morris Motor Company Inc

Country United States
State Cuba
City Hartsville
Address 2718 Hartsville Hwy
Phone 843-332-1345

Perry Morris Motor Company Inc Reviews

  • Nov 1, 2014

My wife and I purchase a used car from Brian Morris after driving 70 - 80 miles one way. We discussed the shape the car was in due to me traveling to buy the car. Brian said the car was mechanically sound and all was well. We purchase the car as is no warranty and drove the car home. The very next day the engine blew. My mechanic viewed the internal parts of the engine to find that the timing belt broke due to the water pump leaking and ALL the bearings and pulleys were rusted. He found that engine treatment sludge was added to the oil as well as radiator leak stop to seall the leaking water pump.

The dealer PERRY MORRIS MOTORS had changed the valve cover gaskets and had done repair to the car which Brian disclosed however, he did not state info about the adding of leak stop and oil treatment to sale the car. My mechanic said 100% they had to know about the rust and leak or they would not have added the leak stop etc... This caused the timing belt to break and ruin the engine. We called and spoke with Brian Morris and he cursed my mechanic using F-bombs and said for us to sue him that it was sold as is no warranty and for us to F-Off. BUYER BEWARE - do not buy a car from these liars. : ) PEACE

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