Country United States
State Bangladesh
City Fort Walton Beach
Address 415G Mary Esther Cut Off NW
Phone (850) 796-2424

Petland Reviews

  • Oct 28, 2014

On 6/28/2014 I bought a Sheep dog from Petland at 3920 S. Semoran Blvd. Orlando, Florida.

Phone # 407-381-5777

I called them about my dog, being sick. They had no comment. Never offerded any help, or what to do.

So I went to my grandmothers house in Jacksonville, to take him to her Vet. on july 2 , 2014. I took him to Oceanview veterinary Hospital in Jacksonville. They did some tests and determined the dog had Parasites. They treated him, but when I got home a few days later he was still sick. In Orlando I took him to Banfield Pet Hospital on 7/8/2014 He still was sick with parasites, both Vets told me that they get that from other animals. The only pets that he was around was at Petland, he even goes to potty in pee pee pads. I never took him out side.

I called Petland and they reimbursed me for the medication which was small amount of the bill. I paid $350.00 for the vet. visits and tests. they refused to pay for the test & the veternarians charges.

I paid $1700.00 for my dog, and you would think, they would have taken better care of their pets.

I found out that a coworker had the same problem with them.

  • Aug 8, 2014

For everyone who is unaware of what the store "pet land" is doing... You are buying a pet that is from a puppy mill!! I am a veterinary technician who has worked with clients who have bought puppies and kittens, and have brought them immediately to our clinic after buying them To get a health check-up.

These poor animals are infested with fleas, some not vaccinated at all, they have pneumonia, parvovirus, anemia, genetic deficiencies, and are not spayed or neutered. Everyone needs to be aware that this store was protested by animal rights activists! When this happened, PetLand released a statement that said they would start adopting pups and kittens from local shelters and rescues after selling what they had. This never happened! They did this to get people off their backs because they know what they are doing is Wrong!

The pups and kittens are in all wire sided caging units where they have no flat surface to stand on. The cages are stacked on one another, so if a pup decides to go to the bathroom the feces and urine falls into the animal caged below. The animals are timid and scared, they do not play like normal pups or kittens would. All they want is to be held. They are overpriced.

The employees lie to their customers stating that these animals have paperwork and are OFA registered but when you ask for paperwork the employee statea they will look into it and you will never receive any papers! Their is no one who stays overnight with these animals and as many of you know puppies and kittens need tended to 24-7. Lies,lies,lies! Do not buy a pet from here, you do not know what you are getting yourself in to! Adopt don't Shop!

Please if anyone can help petition to have them shut down please write a post with the proper authorities that I can get in touch with to stop this abuse!

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