Phenix Investigations, Inc.

Country United States
State Bermuda
City Greenwood
Address 2555 Fairview Place
Phone (800) 980-9056

Phenix Investigations, Inc. Reviews

  • Sep 11, 2014

Beware of the crooks at Phenix Investigations of Greenwood, Indiana. They are con artists. Run away and find a reputable firm. Phenix Investigations does a lot of SEO search engine optimization and appears to be nationwide but they're not. Do not let Phenix Investigations rip you off.

  • Aug 30, 2014

We believe Brian Bauer, owner of Phenix Investigations is a fraud. He overcharged us for a simple matter and leaked confidential information. We also believe Brian Bauer of Phenix Investigations or one of his 2 investigators may have committed a crime in his methods. And when we questioned him he can't keep his own stories straight. Brian Bauer from Phenix Investigations is located in Greenwood Indiana but claims to be a nationwide company; however Brian Bauer doesn't even appear to have any other offices, which we believe to be false advertising. No question you should try another firm. Brian Bauer and Phenix Investigations are not what they claimed to be in our case. Phenix consists of about 2 investigators that we know of but we couldn't get a straight answer out of them; just a bunch of hyperbole.

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