Country United States
State Congo
City Central Point
Address PO Box 5372
Phone 18556003722
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  • Jul 11, 2014

My former employer has failed to pay me (as is his history) over $6000 in salary and compensation causing me to lose my home. In addition, they have now breached my employment contract which will likely stel hundreds of thousand of dollars from me in future earnings. They displaced me from my home and caused me to have to relocate to another state due to them not paying me, and are now holding my personal possessions "hostage" when all the while they offered to "help" me by getting them from my old residence, and promising to send them to me. Now they want ME to pay to have them shipped!

This individual (and company) have a long track-record of not paying their bills and owe hundreds of professional contract people (people who did contract work for them) thousands of dollars. They have been sued numerous times, and simply change their business name, or move.

They have had their business account garnished by the state of Oregon for not paying payroll taxes, and have withheld salaries of employees in order to pay their own bills (and pay a salary for the owner who now has SEVEN children). He routinely skims the profits from the company and hides it under the category of "office supplies" usually purchased from the local Costco. This is how he keeps his family in bread and milk while he steals from his employees.

This man goes to church regularly, and will always "preach" that his employees should act fairly and in a God-like manner--all the while he devises scemes to defraud and ripoff everyone and anyone who does, and has worked for him.

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