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  • May 9, 2014


Misconduct Abuse of the Judicial Proceedings Here is a Itemized Summery Discription of Factual Events That took Place over A (2) year Period. The defendant residing outside Placer County Region. Was Arrested on 4-17-12 for a incedent that took place in 2010 by Det.

Chris Glaspell at his Residence without a Warrant, dispite several prior atemps to locate defendant over a 3 month period. Defendant was working and not home most of the time Det. Glaspell was aware of this and the location of defendants work.

In stead A DECLARATION IN SUPPORT OF A WARRANTLESS ARREST WAS CONDUTED, by the patrol unit the detective dispatched to transport me. No laws that abridge the constitutional rights of its citizans shall be inforced. The Public Defender that was assigind by the courts to me for this matter was Erik Randall Beauchamp, the (DDA) was William David Marchi.

During Court Proceedings William had Det Glaspell contact Erik to get me to submitt to a DNA sample. Erik asked me and I sad no, Erik told me it would be in my best interest that was his advice to me, as my Public Defender. Then on 8-15-2012 in the Am I met with Erik at the Placer County Sheriff's Office.

We went inside where we met J.S.Davis the Tech doing the dna extraction. During extration she took (4) referance swabs instead of (1) swab. I questioned her as to why (4) and not (1) she said it was proceedure.

The following court appointment Erik Beauchamp was absent & I needed him. Because William told the Court he needed moore time because of dna comparisan results the Defendant had requested. The substitute attorney could not object and told me to inform erik. When I informed Erik he said he was not happy with the DA but never corrected the matter.

This is a Federal Due Process Violaton against the Defendant. Then Erik asked me to waive my rights at the hearing I told him I would not do so. He got mad and said he would waive them for me.

Then at the next hearing William & Erik did not show and the sub attorney told the court it was going to be a stipulated continuance. I told him that is not what me and Erik decided so he informed the court. The Judge then set Preliminary Hearing for the Next week when I came to the hearing both the DA & my Attorney were telling the Judge they were not prepaired and had no ideal today was preliminary.

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