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Plastic Surgery Center Reviews

  • Jul 18, 2015

On June 11th 2015 I went to Dr. Carl Quillen to get upper and lower eye surgery plus a mini face lift. Immediatly after the surgery it was evident that I had lost all control over the right side of my face. Immediaetly after the operation he called my boyfriend and told him that the operation when fine and I could be picked up.

I could and can not blink causing much pain and irritation as eyelid rests on eyeball scratching cornea. Definate eye loss has been a result and there has been some hearing loss as well. Hospital was supposed to give me cream to put in eye and forgot and when asked Dr Quillen he send a perscription that cost over $60 to fill.

The following week consisted of not being able to chew, blick, sleep and multiple visits to eye doctor for novacane in eyeball. Dr Quillen gave me masses doses of steroids to reduce swelling in hopes that some movement would occur hoping it was merely from a brusied nerve. I have been told that after that there should have been some kind of mininal movement - there has not.

When he saw me after the operation he immediately asked me to smile and then was surprised - I asked what the problem was and he said I was swollen and my smile was a little off. When I got home I was beside myself and was told that he had cortized the area where the nerves were due to bleeding and that the movement would return.

On of my visits to himt o remove some stitches he was wearing magnifying lighted eye equpment and did not see stitches - where the person standing next to him had to bring it to his attention - really??!!

He sent me to several doctors to evaluate - me always paying the bill to figure out how to correct what he did wrong. When questioned again, Dr. Quillen said he was pretty sure but could not be certain that he cut the nerve. Thn when I asked him if it was possible that he cortized the nerve - again he said he ws pertty sure but not certain.

Lasty I went to another doctor who is convinced some nerve was cut hence why my ey is so off. I have been told that it is very possible I need Facial Nerve Annimination - what a horrible nightmare. I had this surgery to look prettier and younger - now I look like an ugly freak of nature.

It is my personal opinion that Dr Quillen should retire before he does any damage to anyone else.

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