PLG Capital Funding Group LLC.

Country United States
City Livonia,Michigan
Address 17199 Laurel Park Ct Suite 105
Phone 734-468-0131

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  • Sep 25, 2014

PLG Capital Funding is a classic bait and lure company, they use young inexperienced staff to do the dirty work while the "executives" linger in the background until you pay your processing fee. Then the "executives" come in to now apprear to scrutinize the deal and give you the bad news,'WE CANNOT FIND A LENDER".

They dangle the promise of funding your project while knowing as a business person you're in need. They will require you to fill out and provide tons of paperwork then give you a preliminary funding letter that isnt worth anything. I made many commitments with bridge loans, contract services, closing dates with land sellers, etc., based on their pre-approval letter and "absolute commitment to close the loan".

After receiving the letter, they will require you to provide a wire payment for the processing fee which will range, mine was $2000. You will gladly pay this fee because they have assured you the loan will be financed.

My loan request was for $6.5 million dollars, I was told repeatedly before paying the fee that funding is no problem as they routinely do deals in the hundreds of millions and this deal should be a breeze, perfect strategy for getting you to let you guards down.

They assure you funding will take place within 30-60 days. Well, that turned into 90 days, then 120 days, then 180 days, all the while being told if you just give us more money or this or that the deal will get closed. Ultimately I was told none of their lenders would loan for the project for the amount requested but they could get the deal done for $400k. I thought, well let me see if they can at least deliver that, NOT! Nothing, they began the same process all over again.

I never even got that amount, I was told their is not enough personal equity in the project, again. Now remember, I was told intially my personally equity played a small insignificant role if any as I was told the project was strong and had more than enough LTV for financing. But now personal equity has to increase along with more money down, and this is now the deciding factor.

All this of course comes after I was initially told the loan wasnt based on my personal credit or personal equity. I was told the business itself had more than enough equity to fund the loan, because they would have first position and that's what mattered.

Eventually my calls were no longer taken and my emails were no longer answered. I demanded a refund only to be told, no or insulted by one of the "executives" of the company.

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  • Nov 15, 2014

plg is a fraudulent company

fraud fraud

plg s fraud ,kevin west, angela johnson, raljh,some , all thugs ,they promised a hospiatal a loan of 20 $million ,took 2000 us dollars ,now want another 50000 $.fraud bastards

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  • Nov 15, 2014


100% correct ,bunch of burglars ,liars ,thugs, dacoits,

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  • Nov 15, 2014

want laon dont come to plg

bunch of thieves in a bag , they promise u haeavens and rape u of ur money ,processing fee, bank charges xyz charges thieves

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  • Nov 15, 2014

charles william is a scamster

charles williams i forgot is a another rogue among the rest

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  • Mar 11, 2017

PLG Capital Funding Group LLC. SCAMMERS


This organization is a FRAUD! They have stolen over 150k in my partner money in a SBLC SCAM .

They have not corresponded with my partner to fix the problem were they stand to make 1.7m in return. So why have they not fixed the problem?

We have came to the conclusion is they are scammers were they take the small fees and send free advise mt799 and claim they have done there job, They are a broke company and further investigation we have found out from the Attorney General they are opening new bank and will dissolve PLG and restart there scam.

We are happy to know that several of there ex-employees are willing to testify and give us proof of there scam.

Hope other will follow suite with us..

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