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  • Jul 4, 2014

There is a new SCAM on the Internet, called PopMoney, promoted by a big company FiServ (CheckFree). Thanks to the fact that they are not regulated by any govt agency (Govt does not have money to investigate complaints anyway), consumers are at the risk of losing money with PopMoney.

The way it works is: PopMoney made partnerships with a lot of banks. Most likely, even with your bank. PopMoney will secretly enroll you in their service and attempt to send money out. Of course, this is fraud. And, no, you cannot do anything about it. This fraud is done by PopMoney, not your bank. So, FDIC insurance does not cover it. Your bank is regulated and you can complain to authorities if your Bank does fraud. But, you cannot do anything about PopMoney. Because PopMoney is from a multi-billion dollar corporation, because courts and govt agencies strongly back them, you as a consumer are SOL. The only way to remedy this problem is to find a bank that PopMoney has not infected yet. Or, pursuade your bank to unregister you from PopMoney.

Again, DO NOT sign up for PopMoney. If they sign you up without your permission (which they do to initiate fraudulent money transfer in your name without your permission), try to get out of it. Remember, PopMoney is not regulated, not insured and not subject to laws and regulations of this country. You cannot sue PopMoney because they're a multibillion corporation and protected by courts.

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  • Oct 29, 2015


I was secretly enrolled without my knowledge or permission at 3:40 p.m. on 10/28/2015; at 3:43 p.m. Popmoney set up a monthly transfer of $997/month to a "Latisha Kelly" of whom I have never heard and one minute later approved this monthly transfer. After calling my bank the transfer was finally halted at 7:15 p.m. But we now have to change all bank accounts and online payments. This company is a party to fraud and is, apparently, unregulated by the government. I have no doubt it is a big contributor to one or more PACs. These folks are thieves.

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  • Jan 5, 2015

First off i must absolutely say i LOVE POPMONEY!

It is the customer service that is absolutey horrible!

Over two months ago i tried to log into my account to check my balance and see if my brother had recieved his money i had sent.

I also recieve and send my daughter and occasionally my teens.

However, i couldnt log in. AT ALL

They said reset.

I couldnt do that

SO i sent an email


So i called

THey wanted to argue. Tell me to just keep trying

I have tried for over two months. I really love this service but their customer service cause them to lose my account, which had 6 accounts attached. Keep in mind they make money every time someone deposits or withdraws.

I am so upset with this company i dont even know how to word this anymore.

What is worse is they have even HUNG up on me, cut me off, rewired me over and over again and laughed in my face, telling me im "stupid"

I hate to break it to them , that THEY are the ignorant ones and out of trying probably well over 25 to 40 times in well over 2 months, I only recieved ONE Customer Service Agent that was decent. ONE. Thats a bad record!

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  • Apr 26, 2019


I never signed up for popmoney at all...I checked my email and saw where I had enrolled and that someone was trying to send me $1,000. Then it said that my account had been restricted. I immediately called them and said that I never enrolled with pop money and that I didn't even have a bank account. I told them that if there was ever a transaction sent to my email ever again that it was a scam.

  • Dec 6, 2017

Fuck Popmoney

The title says it all

  • Sep 1, 2017


Do your self a favor don't use them

  • Sep 18, 2016

I received a notice from my bank on a transfer of funds from my credit line, to my checking account and then out to a person by the name of pavel goncharov through popmoney. Thank goodness i caught this in time, because i know of others that have lost thousands from these scams. I have never met or know this person. Like others, i had to change all of my banking accounts and online payments. This company is a party to fraud and they appear to not be concerned at all about these actions. Actually, they could be a party for all i know. These folks are thieves.

  • Nov 11, 2015


First time receiver, money sent to me, waiting almost 7 days to have it deposited in my account. I called and they claim all transactions go through the federal Reserve banks. This process slows the transfers. I'm using western union or Walmart.

  • Sep 10, 2015

Impossible to log in to get $

Impossible to log in to get $., A friend sent me money however, it is possible to log in order for me to get the funds. I sense that these $ are at risk.

  • Jun 16, 2015

worst ever

dont ever use this site!!!! tried twice to receive money and all they kept telling me was my card had been used by a different account(impossible). i told them i have never been on this site or created a profile. instead of guiding me through the process and figure out how this could have happened, they were completely rude and totally unhelpful. i would suggest never ever using this site for anything at all. the operators are rude and the service sucks.

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