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Country United States
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  • Jul 24, 2014

FOR POST PROPERTIES: Post Rocky Point in Tampa, Florida

Complaints with the condition of the apartment rented for a period of seven months from Sep 2013-Mar 2014 (we left a month early in fact on March 8). In fitting fashion the main exit gate to leave the property was inoperable all day on March 8th so our moving van had to negotiate around the complex to even get out.

Fitness Club, an extra $40 per month and do not include fact Sauna did not work either for almost two months of our lease.

The amount of work that had to be performed and the amount of our time that we spent handling these issues for the exorbitant rent is unacceptable for rent of almost $1600 for a 2BR unit.

Major issues:

1. Right off the bat we had the A/C unit go down and had to finally call for the fix.

They had to replace the entire unit. We went weeks with a room unit by our bed and attached to the window like a trailer park.

2. We were "sold" the great amenities like the "free" gas grill outside our unit. Unfortunately the grill did not function when I first tried to use it and reported it needing fixed. Went out a month or so later and it still did not function properly. So in order to grill had to drive to other places around the complex to see if we could get one to work properly.

3. On Thanksgiving Day, the day was cold enough for heat. We turned it on and surprise, nothing. An outside contractor was sent in and spent a few hours of our Thanksgiving trying to fix it but alas, could not and left us with only filthy walls where he worked. Once again, had to replace the entire unit and did so while we were not home once again. Leading to. . ...

4. The hot water heater not working properly and banging all day and night in our unit. We finally got someone to look at it and they attempted fixes until, you guessed it, they replaced it.

5. Whoever replaced it was an outside contractor and was allowed unsupervised access to our apt. one day with no notice or call. In fact when I got home my office was in such disarray from this I thought I had been robbed. (in fact I was, stay tuned). I finally looked in the heater closet and saw the new unit. No note from the worker, nothing, no follow up by Post.

6. Apparently during this call the unsupervised person took the liberty to roam our home and stole money, drank liquor and who knows what else. This is all I could ID. I registered the complaint with the office there.

7. When we moved in we asked about the kitchen cabinets and had someone come over to look at them when we moved in and that the time he said they would just replace all the cabinet fronts. When they actually got around to it, they replaced one and we had the classy look of one new white cabinet with the rest a nice dirty beige. Nice.

8. Stoppers in my bathtub and sink in the back bath did not function properly ever and had to call three or four times on these.

9. One day when I got out of the shower, I sat down on the closed commode to trim my toenails only to have the cover shatter in pieces and actually cut open the back of my leg. Nice.

10. We never called on this but the dining room had a faulty switch where the light would never turn off no matter which way you had the switch, up or down.

11. Every time we used the microwave, not provided by Post, the breaker clicked off about every third time and never was reported.

12. Gates were frequently down and the pedestrian gates would be closed and not let you exit. Once had to shimmy out the drive in gate to make a flight with luggage to catch the cab.

13. Fitness Club had machines down all the time and the sauna, (main reason I joined) was reported as not functioning properly about 2 months prior to leaving and was never fixed.

14. Dry cleaning "amenity" never reliable and the office would not let my dry cleaning delivery in to drop and pick up.

15. Post, knowingly or not allows aggressive dogs and once a pit bull attacked another dog on the trails.

16. Post allows cars to park in the right of way, literally blocking the road sometimes and causing near collisions nearly impossible passage back by the fitness club area in two or three lots.

17. Post allowed a renter to feed and allow to roam, feral cats and in the rain they would sleep on our landing as well. At times 5 to 6 cats roaming free near our apt. They were informed and given all info.

18. The "upgraded" blinds cords broke in first two weeks making it hard to open them due to the loose strings hanging outside the the caps that were clearly cheap.

In addition once we fled the place and paid our last month's rent to get out they then tried to extort even more money from us with bogus carpet claims and a damaged door that somehow was damaged between us leaving and them reviewing the apartment. They tried to stick us for carpet damage with no notice and conveniently turn it over to a department in Atlanta so they do not have to deal with it locally. How convenient.

And while still under lease to us they actually went in and replaced the carpet and the so called damaged door. How can they do that in an apartment still under lease? Seems they would call you since they have your number to come and view the "damage" first. Hmmm.

We found others who they tried to scam with the same carpet ploy and they also refused to pay but think about how many they do get to pay rather than contest it.

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