Potato Creek Gift

Country United States
State Aruba
City Simi Valley
Address 4119 Guardian St
Phone 8773844691
Website www.potatocreekgifts.com/

Potato Creek Gift Reviews

  • Jul 5, 2014

I hae been trying to cancel an account with this company and they just keep telling us if we do that we will have to pay all the fees from the web site we have. We agreed to continue to pay a monthly fee but wanted everything to stop.

they were also to call and have training appointments with us and we would wait for the call and it would never happen.

My wife even took off work several times to make this happen and they did not follow up.

we want out of this crap and they just remove $199.00 from our account as well as the monthly charge of $29.99

with out any permission or knowing of it to happen This money was delegated elsewhere.

they have put us in a very bad financial situation.

Stephen B


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