Power Window Fix

Country United States
State Florida
City Fort Lauderdale
Address 1873 NE 15th Ave
Phone Fort Lauderdale
Website http://www.powerwindowfix.com

Power Window Fix Reviews

  • May 8, 2015

Power Window Fix is a SCAM - STAY AWAY!

Elan Yaari is a scam artist. He will quoe you a price on the phone and show up on time for the FIRST visit, but it all goes down hill from there. He broke the door handle, didn't actually fix my power window and blamed it on another part - the switches. He replaced the motor for $150 and told me to get the switch. I got the switch and installed it, but the window still didn't work. I scheduled times with him 4 times and he blew me off each time.

I finally went to go investigate and after getting the door panel off, I discovered that ELAN YAARI FROM POWER WINDOW FIX CUT MY POWER WINDOW WIRES! Of course it didn't work! As soon as I spliced it together, the window worked. I doubt the motor was ever broken and he just sold me what he could service.

I do not like scammers and scum bags and he is one of the biggest losers I have ever met. I WILL be taking him to court and he will finally have to pay for his incompetency.

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