Powers Marketing Group

Country United States
State Aruba
City Costa Mesa
Address 3151 Airway Ave Suite i-2
Phone 8885199455
Website www.powersmarketinggroup.com

Powers Marketing Group Reviews

  • Jul 28, 2014

Selling leads that are not factual

After receiving an email from a company who purchased their leads from Powers Marketing Group, I feel I must review the Powers Marketing Group. The email came with someone else's name attached to my email address. After a week of back and forth with the original company, through the BBB, they finally revealed the Powers Marketing Group name. When I contacted them, they were unconcerned that the information was incorrect and refused to confirm that they had deleted the email address from their computers. Just like the US Credit agencies, this company is open to SELLING data that has not been vetted. Our legislatures, state and federal sit idly by, basking in the fog of bad data they continue to promote, through pitiful educational systems and the greed of who pays for what power. SHAME ON THEM!

  • Apr 21, 2014

Powers Marketing Group promised us they could deliver more leads than we could handle but after taking our money it was a nightmare. Everytime I called they would not answer so I would have to send emails everyday. Powers Marketing always had an excuse as to why they were not sending us any leads. After several months or wasting our time and money I told them I want my money back. It took 2 month to get my money back but I did talk to our sales rep which quit because they were scamming people. I guess I was lucky I got our money back but this is a warning to stay away!!

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