Premere International Exchange

Country United States
State Afghanistan
Phone 32324422124

Premere International Exchange Reviews

  • Apr 16, 2014

They called wanting to use a member's timeshare exchange for a company conference. I was advised I could use my exchange company but the location 'Cancun' and Hyatt Regency was unavailable but Destination Services could use their exchange service for me.

Premier Exchange would do the exchange for a fee of $199 for one week but their hook is you have to give them the Credit Card number before any rental amounts would be forwarded to your attention. They will charge your credit card or account before you see any funds from these people. they promise a rental amount of $3,600 and a maintenance fee of $750 for a total payment of $4,350. All that is necessary is for you to pay the $199 exchange fee.

This offer was given to me and I canceled my card before they withdrew any funds. Thank you Ripoff Report.

The first gal that called identified herself as Sopia Shannel with Advance Services. She provided her address that matched the address given for In Sacramento, CA. She said that I would be called by a representative of Premere International Exchange.

Sopia Called me from 916-218-4506 She gave her number as 916 641 1212

Katherine Young, who sounded like the first caller called me on 323-244-2124.

It sounded too good to be true and from looking at the previous reports, it was.

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