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State Bangladesh
City Delray Beach
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Proactive Recovery Solutions Reviews

  • Jul 9, 2014

One of my good friends was placed in recovery solutions. She desperately needed help and could not seem to stay sober. The man she spoke with was named Colt King. He sounded like a 12 year old on the phone, but I was desperate and assured my friend that she could trust him. Colt took her to a place called Hollisitix by the Sea. I didn't know much about them, other than hearing that a man named Chris Ferry worked there who had questionable morals according to most.

My friend felt she was not getting the treatment she needed at Hollisitx and left ama (aganist medical advice). She was eager to go to a sober living facility, but Colt King would not answer her calls, and she was stranded about an hour away from where she lived.

If you have any sense or care about the person you are trying to help, please do not put them through "Proactive Recovery Solutions"/Colt King. It will be the worst thing you could ever do to an addict. I almost doubt that Colt King was an addict. He doesnt seem to graps the issues drug addicts face when in active addiction.

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