Country Canada
State Estonia
City Richmond
Address 12651 Vickers Way,
Phone 604-370-4778

Procurify Reviews

  • Feb 5, 2015

Do not do any business with Procurify, they are a huge scam. They have ran a series of scam businesses. They also pretend Mark Cuban invests with them. They said the exact same lie with Canco energy. They setup a series of backlinks trying to cover up their previous scams. Do not invest with any of their companies, they will steal your money and move on to the next scam.

They were sued for their previous scam Amco energy.

  • Dec 19, 2014

Procurify is a complete SCAM and is a company based on FRAUD. They have been in multiple businesses before this all with the intent of stealing money. Before they were Procurify they were selling stock market software that "predicted" which stocks to buy. That was fraudulant, the software never worked, and they stole 10's of millions of dollars. After that they started an oil company called Chronos Energy and Canco Energy. Both were sold to investors for the rights to oil part of their "wells". They also claimed at this time to be in business with Mark Cuban from Shark Tank. This was all a gaint scam and now they are at it again with Procurify. Buyers beware these guys have professional scam artists. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH PROCURIFY

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