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  • May 14, 2015

Good day everyone,

I am located in Europe.

I am a professional investor, since quite a few years ago.

One of the alternative investments consultancy companies I use, for many years, called me to let me know that apparently there was an interesting investment program, which was run and managed by a gentleman called Mr. Ken M. Hollowell.

My alternative investments consultant told me that this gentleman had an investment/funding company, by the name of Profrancorp.

It seems that this company is located in Orlando, or in someplace else in Florida, USA.

A few days after the initial phonecall by my consultant, he called me again for a meeting at his office, with his investments lawyer.

My consultant also told me to bring along my own lawyer to this meeting.

In the meeting, I was told, by both my consultant and his investments lawyer, that this investment operation of Mr. Hollowell seemed to be very questionable, and maybe a scam, that most likely should be reported to the FBI's Fraud Div.

My consultant also told me that when Mr. Hollowell was contacted by email, several times, he refused to answer to some very important questions that I suggested my consultant to ask Mr. Hollowell, after my consultant called me the first time.

My questions were related to the real protection of my investment money, to enter this investment program.

Mr. Hollowell told my consultant that the clients' investment monies were "fully protected", by means of an insurance policy his company had agreed upon with an insuror.

By the way, the minimum amount required by Mr. Hollowell, to any client interested to get in his investment program, was 250,000 USD.

Anyway, let me just say that I am a very experienced investor, so that I can "smell" when an investment program is fishy, like this one seems to be.

Going back to my questions, they were basically pretty straightforward, and simple.

These are the questions I always make, before making up my mind on investing, or on turning down any investment program being offered to me.

My three ONLY questions were:

- The country where the insuror had its headquarters. I never asked for the name of the insuror, because I felt it was not needed, at this time in point.

- If the insuror was in a Developed-World country. In these countries insurors are well-regulated, for the real protection of the clients, and/or their monies.

- If the insuror had, at least, the internationally-recognized "A" insurance quality status.

This is very important because only insurors with an "A" (strong solvency), or an "AA" (very strong solvency), or an "AAA" (extremely strong solvency) quality status, are good enough as to really protect any client's investment money, through policies called "Crime Insurance", or the like.

Anyway, Mr. Hollowell replied to my consultant, thru Mr. Hollowell's emails (my consultant has said emails, to prove it) with non-sensical, weird "reasons" not to reply to these pretty basic questions any common-sense, experienced investor would ask to any investment program people, before even considering to proceed with the investment, or not.

This honest, considerate, respectful attitude is what makes the difference between bona fide investors from time-wasting "investors".

To end this early warning report, let me just say that although I cannot prove that Mr. Hollowell is a scammer, I can definitely say that my long investment experience tells me that when any investment program owner is not crystal-clear to potential investors's early, simple questions, at the very onset, when investors' questions do not require to reveal the main info (always, and only reserved to investors showing, first, their POF (Proof of Funds), and KYC (Know Your Customer/Client), or CIS (Client Information Sheet), my only, honest suggestion to any inexperienced investor is: "DO NOT INVEST, or else, chances are you'll lose your money, forever".

Thanks much for reading this early warning report, on a more-than-a-potential scam.

There are lots of great investment programs around, but they must always be well due diligenced (verified) by seasoned investment lawyers, on behalf of their clients.

All the best, and you guys look after your money, because when you protect it, it'll do the same to you, lifelong.

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