Progressive Transportation

Country United States
State El Salvador
City Wausau
Address 2309 East Wausau Avenue
Phone 715-849-4774

Progressive Transportation Reviews

  • Feb 14, 2015

After busting my butt for Progressive Transportation I got hurt. So needing to rest up and get well I put the truck in the shop as the lease company wanted and head for help. Then what do they do? take my money with some bogas bills and deductions so that I had nothing. It is all about them stealing the money, my money. Troy you and Craig are the lowest of the low. you steal honest peoples money like it is nothing, but it is ok. Do you know why? CARMA!!! do you understand the meaning of that? yours is coming and I will sit by, do nothing and watch you go under. Laugh all you want, but boy's and that is what you are, because MEN, real Man are honest, you are not. So all of you out there thinking of joining Progressive to make more then a small amount of money[they tell you you are going to make x amount of dollars, but only if they want you to because they control how much you "CAN" make, so remember that]that is the lowest form of low.

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