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  • Jun 20, 2015

First and foremost, Women's night out is solely there to make money from you which they're forthcoming about at the beginning. First, the event is overmarketed leading consumers to believe you're going to attend a formal dinner where you will learn about the real estate market, and as a token of their appreciation you will receive gifts which include a watch and an audio book. This event is targeted towards women only, but you can either bring your husband or friend as a guest.

Upon arrival, you're required to complete a form and sign a contract (which I actually read) about not being required to purchase anything, etc. They then lead you into a room where the event is nowhere formal as marketed and illustrated on the invitation and only consists of a huge screen and chairs (no tables). The presentation begins with an introduction video by the founder of Women's night out with her motto "women helping other women."

You then sit through a hour of the guest speaker haphazardly teaching you about real estate. I'm an educated woman so everything being taught was redundant to me and simply common sense even to those who doesn't have an inkling about real estate or the economy. The next 45 minutes is where the real reason for your attendance begins (notice I have yet to mention dinner) with their promotional products. They spend their time selling you the idea of having a competitve advantage in the real estate market because they'll give you the properties to sell and it's completely risk free because you use their money to fund your investments and all they ask is 1% of the amount they fund and you keep the remaining profit from the sell. Sounds ideal, right? Wrong! You can receive this competitive advantage for the low price of $1,997 at a 3 day retreat and if you want to add a friend it's only an additional $997.

Now, it's break time from the presentation because this is the part where they pressure you to register for the 3 day retreat and pay the $1,997 and if you can't afford that they're so kind enough to let you pay half. Not to mention there is a monthly fee of $39.95 to access a tool they have (I can't remember the name at the moment) that will also assist you. But being as generous as they are if you pay the $1,997 they will waive the $39.95 for the first three months. They enusre if you show you at least participated in a real estate transaction that you will receive a tuition reimbursement and be refunded your $1,997 so the program is at no cost to you. Well that sounds great, right? Wrong! The tuition reimbursement is given to the first 5 people that registered as part of a bonus package so if you're unfortunate you won't get your money back.

Finally, dinner wasn't dinner at all. It wasn't even the equivalent of hospital food. They give you this big box which inside is a cold turkey sandwhich, lays potato chips, and a rock (oops! I meant cookie). The cookie was as hard as a rock that I couldn't distinguished between the two. As you eat they continue marketing their products which is now an additional hour about the stock market. They give you a crash course about investing in the stock market and they asks you to pay another $997 to attend a 2 day course about the stock market. Again, being as generous as they are they discount the price to only $297 and if you already pay the $1,997 for the 3 day retreat it's $197. At the end of the presentation you receive a shower gel and lotion as a gift as well as the audio book as promised, but no physical watch. You receive a paper with the link to order your watch.

In closing, this report is not all inclusive there were other issues with this event. I only address the most significant aspects to provide an overall idea of what to expect if you attend this Women's night out. I strongly caution if you ignore this report that you attend the event with at least $3,300 because it's the total cost of the promotional products they pressure you buy for the entire duration of the presentation which is 3 hours long. I only attended this event in hopes of learning about rental property and further education about the real estate market but was completely disasppointed in addition to my guest who attended the event with me. Please find some other conducive and inexpensive way to learn about real estate and don't feed into this rip off.

  • Mar 19, 2015

Women's Nigt Night Out started with a motivational video. I should have left then. But, I stayed and listened to some interesting data about how to invest in and profit from real estate investing. I am a licensed realtor in Florida and I wanted to find new ways to make maximum use of some of my available resources.

So, I paid the $1,995 for an upcoming three-day seminar to be offered by Property Education llc. The promise - both verbal and in writing - was that my tuition would be refunded after my first transaction. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? Wrong.

The three-day event was led by a very savvy presenter. The first day included some helpful "tips" but included far more time spent on describing how much MORE we would learn once we had the opportunity to attend a major buying event in Las Vegas. When he spent 90 minutes telling us how important the NEXT series of educational programs would be to our investment strategy, I should have left. But I didn't.

We were divided into teams, each working with one of their sales team. We were asked to provide personal information about our available resources - from IRAs to 401Ks to credit cards and bank lines of credit. All of these were fed back to us as the best way to access cash forf for quick transactions. But, first, we would go through an educational program called "boots on the ground" and then - at their expense - we would go to their Las Vegas event for investors. Had I really beden been evaluating all of this, I should have immediately challenged someone teling telling me to use my retirement accounts for future gain. I should have left then.

On the third day, we were given the news that the Diamond Program for which we should sign up only costs $29,997. Second place - the Platinum Program for $24,997. At the bottom, the Gold Program for $18,997. This time, my inner brain kicked in and I declined all three. WOW. That's when the pressure cooker went into high gear. I was offered the Las Vegas experience as a stand alone for $10,000. I declined again.

The following week, I was contacted by phone with another approach and another offer. I was told that I could get some great education and help for $6,000 to $9,000. When I asked this sales person to describe the difference between $6K and $9K, he told me I would find out once I signed up for the program! I hung up.

And yet, they tried again. This time, the caller identified himself as a real estate consultant. Nope. Sales again. He insisted that I had to set up a legal entity in order to do any real estate investor transactions. He told me the price was just over $1,200 to use teir their company. Again, I declined and said I would get back to him. He has called me several times since then, but I am not picking up the phone. God bless caller Caller ID.

This entire episode was a learning experience for me. I'm not proud of my initial decision to pay $2,000 for a seminar. I should have known better. I'm writing this report to save someone else the time and money.

  • Jan 30, 2015

This company has top tallent motivational speakers give the speals. They promise it all, and claim to have back up resources for each and everybody who signs up for the 2 thousand dollar, 3 day classes. This is really Hard Sell . If the company did what they promise, it would be great but the company would have to have limitless resources and money to back it all up

I asked for the financial analysis to be sent to me to look at and I have not heard a word from them since. Also, big ALSO, they promied lunch , it was a nice but cheapie box lunch eaten on our laps, they promised a $100 gift card just for attending. I called to question that and was assurred about it. However - it was not given out at the meeting to anybody. I called and was told it would be sent to me only if I called.

The card was sent to me but is good only for on line shopping at stores with extremely high and over priced items and more !the card could not be all used at once at any one store. This card is no more than a Huge Carrot dangeld in front of the noses of the potential succers who attend these meetings.

One of the motivational speakers even offered to convert and use people's CD's and IRA's and retirement funds so they can buy this program with that money . Wow, I thought I had heard it all until this one. The audience targeted were obviously not formally educated people, not business experienced, and the elderly and more gullible.

Later I spoke with a woman who had taken the 3 day class that cost 2 thousand dollars - she told me that of the 3 day class, most of 2 days was anther sales pitch to sell up to another more expensive this company also had.

I was shocked at the claims without any back up, without any proof, without any verification of the position of the company to do what they were claiming to do, and No Answer is a very Loud and Clear Answre. This company smply ignored me and my request to send me the financial report of their business . They have to be realing in a lot of suckers because these seminars, hard sell meeting are scheduled all around the country. I called and checked.

In fact I was just invited to another one from the same company this time called. Scott Yancey

So i wasted an entire afternoon, 3 hours, for a cold box lunch on my lap, and NO $100 gift card unless I am willing to pay double for an item, in the first place. Worthiless. A gimmick and come on. I feel sorry for the poor people who cash in their retirment savings for this real estate scam and empty promises.

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