Prosperity Cleaning Services

Country United States
State Austria
City Waterbury
Address 170 Purdy Rd.
Phone (203) 883-6225

Prosperity Cleaning Services Reviews

  • Dec 5, 2014

I worked for prosperity cleaning services for 3 months. Over the 3 months when I was payed, which was never for the amount of hours I actually worked, always less it was always late. At least 1 to 4 days late. When I finally asked for my pay the owner Diogo Deabreau (joe) violently screamed and yelled at me calling me names and telling me that he does not have to pay me. He then would disappear for almost a week at a time, where he would not answer the phone at all and ignore all calls. Then I finally got in touch brought him my hours as asked and he still refused to pay me. I then got in touch with him finally and he tells me the hours aren't legible, though very neat. This man owes me over 65 hours and is finding every way possible to not pay me. As I can see he has done this to other employees. He has then fired me for asking for my pay and I can not get him to pays up at all.

As far as the actual services go over the 3 months I spent working here I fou do that he does not actually supply any cleaning supplies for jobs and most of the time has employees clean with only water and tells them to lie to the business. Joe has also gotten mad at me because one business found put this.

But overall I felt the need to get tthis out there so nothing going like this happens to anyone else. These people will take advantage of you work you like a slave then when you ask for your late pay fire you and disappear.

I will post more updates on this business that I once greatly respected.

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