Protect America, Inc

Country United States
State Denmark
City Austin
Address 3800 Quick Hill Road #1-100
Phone 1-800-951-5190

Protect America, Inc Reviews

  • Jul 31, 2014

This complaint is about the service I recently received from a Protect America customer service representative named Jose Ramirez. I called Protect America on July 28, 2014, to find out how to deal with a problem I’ve had with Protect America’s Security service. After I had been on hold for several minutes, Taylor Johnson came on the line. I had to explain my problem to him several times because he did not seem to be listening. I explained that my credit card had been breached on two separate occasions. Prior to that we had never missed a payment to Protect America. Taylor Johnson ignored my request that they remove the re-instatement fee of $250 and we pay the past due amount of $150. Taylor Johnson refused to this after I requested five plus times. He stated that Hillcreast Assciates had the account. I found this strange as everythime I call Protect America i have to verify my personal information even thorugh they state they do not have my account.

I contacted Hillcrest Associates and they refuse to give me any documentation regarding the "contract" and call logs. They refused to give me any way to re-instate our account and when asked what I should do with the equipment the manager stated, "I could set it on fire and throw it in the garbage!" This is a great way to treat your clients assets!

I expected a much higher level of service from this company, and I am quite disappointed. Because I do not want to spend any more time on this problem. I am requesting that our Protect America service be re-instated for the past due amount of $150 and this both Protect America and Hillcreast Associates refuse to do. They would rather lose customers and argue.

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