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  • Apr 25, 2014

The owner of , and and many others is my uncle and he gave me a hosting plan for my projects (i am a web developer). We had a small familly issue, not related with work, or web hosting or however and he deleted everything and suspendet my account, which was valid for one year and it has been on for 5 months. Before he deleted, he called a client of mine and told him there are problems with his project and maybe a hacker will delete all his file . Ironic, after 10 minutes, my account was deleted, all my work gone. I had some backups, but i didn't make a full recovery, my loss was allmost 5000 euros. I told him about this sum, and i told him that we should make an understanding so we don't go legal and pay a small spoil(10%). The answer of this big company was he will pay me if my girlfriend would do him a blowjob. If you go with this web hosting, my advice is to backup every 10 minutes and to know about 2 hours per day the servers are down.(this thing didn't affected me since it was an working host with payed plan, not free). What this company did is illegal, and is not the first time, i heard about many others.

Thank you

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