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PulteGroup, Inc. Reviews

  • Oct 27, 2014

I Recently bought a Centext home. I bought it in a very nice neighborhood. Many home builders like to promote that they build Quality homes. In most cases I believe that. But in my situation it's a little different. We bought the house we paid the asking price for the house. Most of the Centext homes Look really good. The previous owner had a bunch of cats in the house which pissed all over the carpet and we had to deal with the cat piss smell for sometime. The owner of the house was the president and CEO of the dog food company. He lived in a house that smells like cat piss it was unbelievable.

We decided to start removing the carpet Because we could no Longer tolerate the smell of cat piss. After removing the carpet we noticed that the concrete Did not look right. It looked like somebody screwed up when they poured the original foundation for the house and realized that they didn't make the concrete slab wide enough to build the house on According to the blueprints.

It looks like currently that the wall on the north side of the house is sitting on the concrete that was added to make the concrete wide enough for the house to be built on.

When we pulled up to tack strips that holds the carpet down, we noticed another situation. Whoever laid the carpet that we removed new there was a problem with the concrete because they could not use the normal size nails to hold the carpet tack strips down. They used nails that were almost 6 inches long to hold the tack strips down to the concrete. Normal nails that hold tack strips down for carpet are less then a inch long.

We started removing carpet from other rooms and found the same problem down below you will see pictures of the messed up concrete that didn't set properly with they built the Poured the concrete slab. So I know that there's problems with the concrete slab in which my house was built on.

I took some time and I contacted a few people executives at Centext / Pulte homes. The first question that I got asked was how was the house I told him I know older than 15 years I'm sure that it's closer to 20. They told me right out of the shoot that the concrete slab is only warranted for 10 years. At this point we have to ask the shoddy craftsmanship on the slab is something that they don't give a shit about ????

I ask myself I wonder about shoddy craftsmanship do they warrantee that or do they not warrantee that. One lady at the companies corporate headquarters told me that I should blame the home building inspector. The home building inspector did not build the house CENTEXT HOMES BUILT THE HOUSE !!!!

I am going to post as many pictures as I possibly can and as I rip out more carpet and I find more shoddy craftsmanship I will come back to this report and post more pictures. And if the companies corporate hotdogs listed below contact me and tell me they want to make it right I will stand up and defend them for doing the right thing. At that point I will post an update to my report and post pictures of what they've done to make it right.

I'm not trying to encourage people to not buy their houses but what I would encourage the public to do is to make sure that you buy a house from them AFTER ALL of the carpet has been peeled back so you can see what the slab looks like all the way around the perimeter of all rooms. If they refuse to do that refuse by the house.

And don't trust home inspectors they don't peel back the carpet to look and see if the concrete slab that your house is sitting on is shoddy craftsmanship

Jim I will see to it that you get to read this rip off report and if your company of Lex to make this right then I will update this report and not until. I hope everybody gets to see these pictures and I hope that I can post as many as possible.

If you are having troubles with your Pulte or Centx home Please use the contact information below and do not be afraid to call them. Make sure that the house you are buying is truly quality built. And do not trust home inspectors because they do not find this kind of problem because they do not want to spend the time to look for it.

And never be too quick to trust your realtor/agent make sure you get full disclosure or kick ass.

This report will be updated if Jim decides to make sure that I have what I need to fix this.

  • Jul 23, 2014

I purchased my home from Pulte in 2008 and experienced, leaking roofs, rain seeping through windows and siding, wind entering my home from all 3 sides of the home where the siding was placed, nails placed in the rooftop which caused water leakage and rotting wood. The builders failed to include a drip edge to allow the water to drip during rain. Without the drip edge, water gushes off the roof and sits into the gutters and excess wood with eventually absorbs by the sun over time. Wind seeps through the crevices of the fireplace and blows a burning fire during winter months. once I reported this to Pulte during the second year, I was informed that my home was no longer under warranty and they would not even consider making good on the workmannship defects.

Please do not invest in these properties. If you must, hire a certified home inspector who has no ties with Pulte. They will discover such defects and this will allow you the chance to force Pulte to make good on the repairs, the right way, no patch work, prior to you closing on the property. If you wait until after closing, they will patch up any and all defects until the warranty expires then you will be left with the out of pocket repairs.


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