Retro Fitness

Country United States
State Central African Republic
City Forked River
Address 410 S Main St
Phone 609-488-2437

Retro Fitness Reviews

  • Oct 20, 2014

My sons friend invited them to join at this retro fitness gym, one 22y/o & 16 y/o, they thought that the payment they made was for the whole year, later we learned that was only for the membership because they keep sending bills every month that they said was for the monthly dues (even they dont go to the gym, it's continuous!) That time i told my sons, even called retro fitness to just cancel the membership coz they just went to gym that summer '13 and after that not anymore especially they went back to school. They said that my sons signed e-contract, even w/o understanding it!

my minor son dont want any trouble thats why even he dont have money coz he's just a fulltime student, paid his balance. But my other son, had a $150+ balance, but because he don't have money and i told him that im not going to pay for that, just let it pass! now, theres a collection agency calling him!!!

this is a ripoff!!!!

that retro fitness gym shouldnt be like that! they should let the members to cancel anytime especially if they want to cancel, and they dont have money to pay for the dues!!!!! dont fall for this retro fitness gym, find some other gym that dont have monthly dues!!!!!

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