Reva Frey RN 4EverYoung

Country United States
State Cape Verde
City Las Vegas
Address 8845 west flamingo

Reva Frey RN 4EverYoung Reviews

  • Sep 25, 2014

Reva Frey has changed doctors time and time again.

She started out at Dr Dudeks place then got investigated for illegal sale of dangerous drugs.

she then ran away to another Dr on Sahara ave.

Dr S. C.

Within a couple of weeks this Dr basically wanted her out for terrible injecting practices.

She would jip people - Reva Frey would give "specials" but then not honor them.

she kept her place filthy and dangerous.

She would talk on the phone whilst injecting!

After this "partnership" didn't work out-she went and hooked up with Dr Anthony Pollard DO.

This Dr has no clue what she's doing.

they inject people without the Dr seeing them first. this is illegal.

If this has happened to you then contact the Attorney General's office and file a complaint with the Medical Board.

There have been SO many complaints.

she has hurt many people.

She was investigated and sued by the medical board and pharmacy boards of Nevada.

They have now changed their name to 4EverYoung.

What a farce.

Dr Pollard basically hired two illegal aliens Matt and Chelsea.

He has paid them illegally and Dept. of Homeland Security has been notified.

In addition to hiring illegals Pollard has "harboured" one of those Chelsea.

Reva Frey doesnt store the Botox properly, doesn't refrigerate immediately.

Over the next few months these sheisters will be investigated and brought to justice.

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