Revolution Laboratories

Country United States
State Brunei Darussalam
City Cambridge
Address 161 First Street
Phone 888-973-8522

Revolution Laboratories Reviews

  • Dec 10, 2014

I was approached on instagram by a revlabs athlete named Monica Spearmon known as moflexzone on instagram. I am a athlete and personal trainer myself. I posted a fitness photo of myself and she commented on it saying, looking for sponsors? I replied back saying yes I am. So she said email me and I sent her a email asking how do I get sponsored by revlabls. She sent all the info to me saying I should buy the products first and then write up some info on why I would be a benefit to there company and what my fitness goals are so I did and I purchased there protein powder and a revlabs t shirt. After that She said you should here somthing back (hopefully) soon this was mid november. So I waited and heard nothing so I emailed her back and no reply. Then I sent a direct inbox message to ther owner of the company at revlabs and no reply. So I emailed the support email off ther website and no reply so I started getting curious. I noticed that she deleted her comments off my photo of asking about sponsorship. There is also another user on instagram that commented under her photo saying You really deleted my comments. So if there is nothing to hide why would someone delete there comments. I have pictures and all the emails to prove this is true. So basically I was suckered in to thinking I was gonna get sponsored by revlabs but realized she just made a sell off me and made some money for the company and benefits for herself. I purchased the protein and t shirt and used her promocode moflex to get some money reduced off the order. So this is how they make there sells off people by misleading them into thinking they would get sponsored by revlabs. This is so wrong and people should know about this.

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