Rhino Moving Inc

Country United States
State Bangladesh
City Pompano Beach
Address 4100 N Powerline Rd #0
Phone (855) 377-4466
Website www.rhinomoving.net/

Rhino Moving Inc Reviews

  • Sep 20, 2014

This moving company ruined many furniture items. Promised to make things right after claim made and no return call from the own after claim was filed. In April 2014 I hired this company for a long distance move from Florida to Minnesota. They came out prior to the move to give me a quote on the move. When they showed up on the day of moving they raised the price in excess of $1,000 more than was quoted.I did have a few extra items so I did not dispute the increase. The day of the move they had several men that put everything on the truck. I hired them to move my things and also at another location my daughter's 1 bedroom apt. They wrapped most of my furniture in blankets to protect it. Unfortunately they did not wrap any of my daughter's furniture and treated it like trash. When we got to our destination only 2 men showed up to unpack everything that took 6 men to put it on the truck.They put everything on a dolly that went up and down the stairs including items marked fragile. They had no regard for my furniture and when I asked them not to use a dolly to move certain items like a new 60 in flat screen tv they just laughed at me and continued to just put things where ever was the easiest. 50 % of the items ended up in the garage that I had to move myself and pay someone to help me move it in the house.I called one of the owner's Michelle and told her all my daughter's furniture was ruined including her new 60 in TV and also my china cabinet. We had become friendly prior to this she knew my daughter was loosing her eye sight and was moving in with me. She said something like don't worry I will take care of you when I told her her TV and all her furniture was ruined and said was insistent we file a claim ASAP we were not even unpacked but I wanted to follow procedure.She clearly gave me the impression she was going to make things right. After 3 months I was offered $70.00 when I refused that offer They offered $270.00 I refused that offer. I have not had a call back from any of the owners since the move. I realize that the insurance only covered very little but I did not expect such negligence and careless movers to treat my furniture so badly.I'm a Real Estate Broker and have moved several times through out the years and never been treated so badly. They pursued me originally I had a deposit with another company and the owner Michelle talked me into going with them.

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