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Country United States
State Alaska
Phone 1-855-446-6884

Rhombus Technical Support Reviews

  • Apr 3, 2015

I was referred to microsoft techincal support from j---y from discount electronics located on manchaca rd in austin tx. the phone number that microsoft gave me many months ago suggested that i use rhombus tech support aka hpc techs who have the same phone number. they worked on my computer and i gave them permission to.they messed my computer up 10 times worse than what i orignally had them try to fix. they charged me $189.00 for a one month warranty for that is all i could afford. i only had about $215.00 in my debit card account. may i add that i am 100% percent disabled and suffered 3 mini strokes in the last of 2014. in february this year they got me for $289.00 with a one year warranty. they have gotten into my computer since them without my permission or knowledge. i cant even finish this report as they are blocking me at this very moment sending this. i will have to take some defensive steps to overcome them and wont be able to finish this report untill then

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