Rhonda O'Brien MS

Country United States
State Afghanistan
City Boise
Address 1414 W. Franklin St., Boise, ID 83702
Phone 2083422228
Website www.dietfreeidaho.com

Rhonda O'Brien MS Reviews

  • Jul 11, 2014

I was referred to Rhonda by someone, who I know think works for her. I met with Rhonda as I've been battling with weight issues my entire life, and Diabetes runs in my family. I've actually followed proven programs that have worked before, so I'm not nieve. When I met Rhonda, I understood her preaching about eating healthy food, but it sounded like I was sitting in health science class. While her program lacked substance or originality, I took a "leap of faith" and paid for the program upfront. Work mistake I've ever made.

Over half way thru, I had actually gained wait and asked for my money back. She got really upset and just kept saying that it was my fault! She said I wasn't committed and that no program would help me as long as I kept being "close-minded" and "lazy". I paid a lot of money for this scam artist to make me feel bad about myself, while I gained more weight! DON'T FALL FOR HER SCAM!!!! I'm know doing it the right way with a certified personal trainer that also is monitoring my bmi and diet. She motivates me and I feel good about myself again, and have lost 18 lbs in just over a month! Shame on Rhonda and whoever lies for her - she's a SCAM!!!!!

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